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  1. HuabNag

    For Por T. Fan

    I got some news from my friend that khun Sak from L.A., the person who sold the coffee at the Hmong New Year will open a slimmer program with Hmong TV network for anyone who want to loose weight. On his first day of opening, he will have some drawing for price, Por T. picture that was showed at...
  2. HuabNag

    Indian Movie, Hmong dubbed

    I'm looking for this one Indian movie...don't know the title in both Hmong and Indian..but this was how the story goes...the main guy's wife is a doctor...the main girl had heart problem...the wife had an car accident and donate her hear to the main girl...the main girl then start to have...
  3. HuabNag

    Traveling to Thailand

    Anyone has any idea about just having a one way ticket to Thailand? Is there gonna be problems when entering the country or before boarding? I have a job over there and I don't know when I want to come back so that's Y I just purchased the one way ticket. Any helps will be very much appreciated.
  4. HuabNag

    Wild Goose on the Wing

    I am just wondering if anyone here has this movie and has the song. I have been looking for the song, but couldn't find it anywhere. If you know the song in this movie please tell me.
  5. HuabNag

    Noob Niam Yau

    I just wonder anyone sees it yet? How was it? I thinking about buying.
  6. HuabNag

    Phone and Aom

    After watch the 7 see concert, I just curious to see aom and phone in a lakorn together since these two pra nang have never pair before. What you do guy think? Or have they pair already and i just missed it.
  7. HuabNag

    Is this the title of this boran

    Picture Credit to "sarNworld store" I think this lakorn is suck what do you guy think.
  8. HuabNag

    [Hong Kong] Justice Bao (TVB)

    I just wonder, did you anyone watch Justice Bao movie at all. Which version did you watch?
  9. HuabNag

    What do you think of this?

    Let say if you are in a relationship, and your guy always want to take the lead. When he order you to do something you have to do or he says he warm you one more time and if you continue to talk you'll get F and B words. Also he is jeously of every guy you know in the past,, even not your...