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    Lately I've been eating nonstop. I dont know if I am stressing out or what. My friend is getting next year and she wants me and her to lose weight together so I can be her bridesmaid and she can wear pretty dress for her big day. We both needs to lose about the same amount of weight, but it is...
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    how do you tell your sister-in-law move out

    Its hard when you lived with someone you dont get along. Ok, here's the thing my sister-in-law been living with us for 8 years now since my brother passed away. When my brother first passed away my parents tell her to move in to stay with us because she has three kids that needed someone to...
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    29yrs old virgin

    I recently broke up with my boyfriend because he lied to me. He was my first boy friend ever. Our friend introduced us to each other... we message each other through myspace 3 year ago but i never add him, somehow we found each other on myspace again then we exchange number and started to talk...
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    leg magic

    i been thinking about to buy the leg magic machine because i dont really like my legs. i have very big thigh and its making my hip look big. anyone know if it works or not. i want to if they are worth it to buy or not.
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    recipe zone

    just wondering if anyone would like to share some of your great cooking recipe. i know how to cook, but i only cook the way i like it. sometime when i cooked nobody would eat, i need to learn how cook good food, so that my family would eat it. any kind of recipe would help such as (thai...
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    beginner's collection

    Every time I visited this section I see all of beautiful art works so I thought I'll give it a try. Not as good as some of others, but I give my best so enjoy and take all you want.