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    Howdie my Cambo pals....I miss all the Sarnies but didn't know if this was right for Kawai's I have a question I've had two dreams similar to each other and I had it consecutively. I dreamt that I got bitten by a snake twice last January. I've never dreamt about a snake before so...
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    Veth Rattana's Wedding

    Hey this is her real wedding lots of Khmer entertainers were there....but can someone post the DVD for me please thanx I just want to see the reception part though not so much the traditional Thanks Here's clips from Youtube
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    Old version @ Youtube

    OMG I just saw some clips MaeNang uploaded...I never saw Pratinawong but I use to have Nang Sip Song and Pikhunthong and Outhaitavee the old old version...I MISS THEM SO MUCH! My mom threw it away like 2 years ago ARGG! Pikhunthong's opening seem to be cut off though because I know they...
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    Khmer girls and Guy

    Okay so I haven't been on for Anyways there's this Asian guy who want a good ideal girlfriend and that it will lead to marriage. He's like 29 years old and lives in the eastern state...(I'll let u know if you're interested)... His ideal girl is someone good, a good girl! Meaning...
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    Flirting 101

    Hey dudes and dudettes is that a word :wacko: Just wondering who here has mastered the "Art of Flirting"? I want to know how to flirt without being label as a "Flirt" cuz I have my jk actually no..I'm serious -_- There comes a time in a woman's life where she has to be...
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    Aom Phiyada

    Latest from Aom for Aug '06
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    Aom on Titus Ad

    I think this is from august 2006... I know Aom makes many shoot but no one really post her pics in this I'll try to find some and post here. She's very beautiful indeed in this shoot. Credit
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    Best Cell phone Providers?

    I want to broaden my horizon and switch from Cingular to T-Mobile but not sure if I should or not?....can't really trust Ads cuz they'll say whatever to get you to buy their products so I need firsthand experience from others here....what is the best? Verizon, AT&T, Cingular, T-Mobile etc I...
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    Accounting and Finance

    Let's say someone who doesn't have a background in that area what should they expect when they get into that field? Is there a lot of math involve and if so what sort of math....easy, basic. Addition and subtraction or is it hardcore math like statistic and calculus? I really need help with...
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    Natural vs. Artificial

    I thought this article pretty much answers the rumors that keeps popping up on what actress had it done and those who didn' that way people don't repeat questions on....I heard she or she had surgery's your list....but no fighting... Credit Nong Chelsea @ Interlove...
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    Kob Suwanan (The Actress)

    The prints are too small I can't make out what issue this is or what month....but Credit Youa for posting these...I took her links :D
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    Kid stars

    I really like that little kid who was in Luk Tal Loy Kaew with the tail in his hair....he was also in Duang Jai Pisoot with Sam and Anne Siriam. He's so cute and chubby....I miss him in lakorns I think he should be in his teen now since that was like 8 years ago right and he was like 9 or 10...
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    Chakrit's girl

    She looks nice...Credit Sanook and Me
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    Saddest Lakorn Ever!

    Felt like starting a topic haven't start one for awhile....and if someone started this topic already please do excuse:) What lakorns did you watched years or days ago that you felt was extremely depressing and I'm not talking about it was sad...and then over and done with. But it stayed with...
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    Computer 101's been like 6 years but I'm getting annoyed really bad now... Something is wrong with my computer everytime I start stays on for maybe 10 minutes and then it freezes or starts it self up again....It happens all the time.... :huh: Sometimes I just start it and shut it down and...
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    What's your favorite Benz?

    Poll what is your favorite lakorn and please do vote.... Mine let see I like all of her lakorns with Chakrit, Andrew, Johnny, Num, etc...
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    <span style="color:blue"><b>Pleowfai Nai Fun(Daravdo)</b></span>

    Araya's returning to play for Daravdo in lakorn "Pleowfai Nai Fun" which might means like a "blazing fire in a dream" she's excited to return for daravdo again after not working with them for awhile...Chompoo is under contract with Daravdo if no one knows. 'ชมพู่' แฮปปี้กลับบ้าน...
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    Stefan's pics

    Well it's hot news on the internet...btn new hot rising star fresh off the success of Lhong Ngao now currently negative news of him having issues with a current seniority costar... Okay if you haven't heard Stefan is having some misunderstanding with his costar...and just recently he...
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    Anne Thongprasome

    Anne looks gorgeous...but don't worry she's not naked that's her in black too...
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    Roy Leh Saneh Rai

    Just wondering did you guys subbed this lakorn cuz one of my Vietnamese friends miss watching thai lakorns that I showed her but she can't understand so right now I want to show her this lakorn since it was a very popular lakorn...if it's not subbed that's okay...:) Thanks