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    Would like to request Pleng Ka music

    Hi, i would to request some pleng ka music by Meas Soksophear b/c she sings it really well and a song that i like sung by Eng sithol, it was one of the theme songs to Thom and Theo movie songs, it starts with "aw broheam jaunchai euy bong mau be chnaiy maoy rouk theo srey..." thank you so much! :)
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    Soundtrack to thai movie series

    Hi, i would like to request the theme song to the movie " Kong cha pka chuk" with the guy ice saranyu singing, thank you so much!
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    Lakorn song

    Hello, i have been looking for this song to download..i think it's in the movie (i'm not too sure about the thai title) "Le retrey bangkok" b/c the khmer title is retrey bangkok. The song begins something like "Kwam ruk ter..." i really love this song, so mellow and nice. If anyone knows where...