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    i really miss him pairing up with vicki :) only if we fan can do a petition for the chinese director to let them pair up again in a c-drama
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    Namfon Patcharin

    aww i havent seen her for ever i miss her she is so pretty!
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    awwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! yes about time i see them again together!!! they are so cute!!!!! i love this pair!! wanna see them together again in a lakorn!!
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    Boy Pakorn & Margie Rasee

    they are extremely cute together!! :)
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    Behind The Scenes of Ch3 2012 Calender

    omg mint is so pretty i hope she and mark will get to pair up in the calendar and hhmm i love mint in her long dress it so pretty it suits her well and kim never thought she was pretty but i can stand her i think she is alrite and mew idk she okay but overall i think the 3 girls are pretty but...
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    Behind The Scenes of Ch3 2012 Calender

    lol i agree i love mint!!!
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    Behind The Scenes of Ch3 2012 Calender

    lmaoooo me tooo!!!
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    Bu Ngah Na Fon (Exact & Scenerio)

    awww!!! man i hate it on how fang is not a nek no more wth!!! her acting is really good sumtimes its even better then the real nek herself :angry: and awww i love fang in here she so funny and cute and adorable its seem like her character is a rich bratty girl who get want she wants...
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    [Ch3] Tawan Deard (Metha Mahaniyom)

    omg eventhough watching TD i still love mint-mark more then yaya-mark its not that im a yaya hater and im not! i love her but with nadech better and i love mint character in TD i just wish they would give more love scene to pope and mint and at the end they should have shown a siblings scene...
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    i miss alec with vicki!!! i really miss this couple!! :) :cry:
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    Fav kookwan Of all time

    Mint c and Mark all the way!!! Tubtim and Natthew Sammie and Om Sammie and Win Tangmo and Cee Jakajan and Cee Kubgig and Mario Tangmo and Tle Tangmo and New Fang and Bie Kwan and Tle Kwan and Wier
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    New Pair Onscreen 2012

    i want to see Mint C and Natthew Mint C and Om Mint C and Win Mint C and Mario Mint C and Nadech Mint C and Mark (again) Tubtim and Win Tubtim and Natthew (again) Tubtim and Guy Sammie and Weir Sammie and Om (again) Sammie and Cee Sammie and Win Sammie and New Fang and Son Fang and...
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    [Ch3] Tawan Deard (Metha Mahaniyom)

    haha i notice that too!! :) i think mint n mark would be more happy if mark was with mint and if yaya was with nadech lol
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    [Ch3] Tawan Deard (Metha Mahaniyom)

    yeah its finally over i love MINT CHALIDA the most throughout the whole lakorn i skip every part just to watch her and sumtimes with pope too!! they are so cute n sweet i love their ending scene!
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    Tubtim Anyarin

    awww she so cute and mature!
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    [Ch3] Sai See Plerng (Makers Y Group)

    yeah!! im so happy for mint chalida!! so excited to see her in another drama evernthough she is not the main n'ek its still good and wait im confuse how many sisters are there? two or three?
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    hello teedee and yes i love them!! they are so cute and adorable they are a prefect match for...

    hello teedee and yes i love them!! they are so cute and adorable they are a prefect match for one another lol :)
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    Thida Wanorn 4 (Dida)

    so true natthew and tubtim does need to be pair up again!
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    [Ch3] Ruk Kerd Nai Talad Sode (Act Art)

    im hoping it would be mint chalida!!
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    [Ch3] Ruk Kerd Nai Talad Sode (Act Art)

    i agree with u!! lol i love mint chalida!! if it was mint n mario i would so watch it! or it can be mario and his gf kubkib! :)