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  1. ntxawm209


    Just finished the movie last night. It was a good time pass movie. Abhay acted very well, but Sonam acting was soft. Definitely not the best 2010 movie for me. hehe
  2. ntxawm209

    Shahid Amrita (shamrita)

    Hi folks!! :) Still new here, dont know if I use da forum right. lol Feel free to correct me or help me. hehe
  3. ntxawm209

    Shahid Amrita (shamrita)

    Adore this couple!!! They have acted in 4 movies together n their last movie together was Vivah. Miss them alot!!! This topic is dedicated to Shamrita. Post anything related to them: News, movies, pix, videos, etc Shahid Bio Amrita Bio Vivah
  4. ntxawm209

    Aamir Khan: Ghajini

    Amir is a great actor n cute, but never anticipated to his movies. Ghajini, I thought it was hyped, but saw da movie a year after it released I looved it so much. Amir's acting was awesome n Asin acting was very good. Love Asin's role, funny, nice, bubbly ,wild, yet generous. Movie deserves all...
  5. ntxawm209

    Kites Trailer

    Looove dis movie, has everything: romance, action, awesome music, n some humors. Hrithik was so friggin awesome in da movie n hott. :wub: Barbara was great as well, love her n Hrithik together. :wub: Wud love 2 c them back onscreen. Can't believe dis movie was flopped, thought it was gonna be...
  6. ntxawm209

    What's Your Raashee?

    Saw the dis movie a while ago, it was a nice movie. :) Priyanka acting was grt n Harman performed very nice too. I love Priyanka w/ Harma way more than w/ her link-up co-star Shahid. I wish PC n Harman were still together. Stupid media r so annoyin, keep linking her up w/ Shahid. :angry...
  7. ntxawm209

    Most Amazing Bollywood On-Screen Couple

    Most amazing BW couple has to be none other than Shahid and Amrita aka shamrita. :wub: :wub: Loove n miss them so much, waiting for their comeback. After their blockbuster movie Vivah, no movie from them. So friggin piss at the industry, how can they ignore dis magical pair for so long...
  8. ntxawm209

    who do you think is shahrukh's best female costar?

    Srk looks da best w/ Rani. :wub: I also like him w/ Kajol alot, Aish, Madhuri n Preity. ;) Most of these actresses r rarely in movies these days, except Aishwarya. She's still goin strong n can give the younger actress a run for the money. Srk nowadays acting more w/ the younger generation...
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    Omgg dis movie is so good. Thought this movie was overhyped n didnt deserve 2 be India all time highest grossing film, but woow it proved me wrong badly. Looove Amir's acting, he was so cute as a college boy. :wub: He made me cry n laugh, love his character. The rest of the cast acted great as...
  10. ntxawm209

    I Hate Love Story

    Saw dis movie recently, nice movie but nothin grt. Imran was so cute n acted well. Sonam was alright.
  11. ntxawm209

    My Name is Khan

    Saw da movie a months ago, movie was alright n quite boring. Performance was grt, esp Srk!!! Srkajol looks nice together, good pair. Love Srk as an actor, he mite win best actor nxt year.