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    Loke 2 Bai Khong Nai Diew

    very cute. the cutest couple recently. hope the lakorn have a good storyline.
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    Maddox and Jolie

    writers of that article needs to grow-up and stop pointing fingers especially at a 4 yrs old. comon now get real. jen and brad's breakup is because of jen and brad's decision and thats it.
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    Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai

    i like how this lakorn isn't so infatuated in those "namnow" themes found in most thai dramas.
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    Off Aphichati Die......

    he is one of my favorites and will also remain one of my favorites. may he rest peacefully now. my sympathy towards his family and love ones.
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    sandra came out with her first album, Dream in 2002/03 at the age of 16.... so she is probably 19 or 20 years old.
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    Pleng Ruk Rim Fung Khong (Ch.7)

    sounds very interesting.
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    Sood Ruk Sood Duang Jai ((TV Scene)

    i'll definitely be watching this. aum and yard will be real cute to together. hope there's lot of good scenes.
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    New Skin.. !!!

    it's cool but i also liked the old skin too
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    Aump Patcharapa

    such a controversial matter, heh?
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    Full House Or My Girl?

    it gonna have to be my girl
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    Tee Tra Koon Song

    aum and bau looks real cute and hot together
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    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    i looking for the ost to this lakorn. does anyone have it and is willing to share. i especially like the theme song.
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    thank you for sharing. i think jae won has the most charming smile, he's very adorable.
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    <span style="color:blue"><b>Duang Jai Patiharn(Red Drama)</b></span>

    :w000t: i can't wait. at first i was waiting for kob and chakrit and now kob and num look soo good. keke. wee
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    <span style="color:blue"><b>Pleowfai Nai Fun(Daravdo)</b></span>

    a like the leadin couple. hope to known what this story is about.
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    just recently saw this too and i've gotta admit im liking it thus far. and luis is very adorable in this lakorn whereas pat's character is quite annoying sometimes.
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    Tuk Bongkot

    definitely international supermodel poses. though i do think that her legs are a lil too short but i it looks like she knows how to work it to her advantages.
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    Couples you want to see again

    arnus + araya
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    Nunfon Got Married

    aww how cute they are together. congratulations to both of them. wishing them an everlasting happy marriage life together.
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    Sonia "Pim" Cooling

    love that last outfit. yeah sonia is so cool and she like stays true to herself like she doesn't try to be someone else.