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    two programmes

    i was just wondering a while back i used to have a programme i downloaded off the internet and its for recording your self singing on the laptop.. i forgot what the programme was called now. i did have it for when i did the singing for the contests on here. that was some time ago though. 2nd...
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    Chin Chinawut , Ruj and Mario live in sydney

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    graduating after being there at 1998

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    happpppy songkrannn!!!

    so who here is playing it? i been out alllll night doing an all nighterrr lol and omg its freeeezing!!! damn some ppl still givin freeezing water at night time! haha but some places have been shut off and that coz all of the politics crap here in thailand
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    help me plz sarnies

    ok so theres this english british boy in ma skool hes 100% british and hes been at ma skool hmmm for maybe 2 years now, i have known him from september last year at first hes a nice guy yeah he would stick up for me when the others make jokes at me and shiet ( im not a geek btw ) and he is in...
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    My school videos

    Lol i was bored and that so wanted to share some videos my skool have done over the years some are so funny I LOVE MY SKOOL! i been there for 10 whole years and leave this year :( Harrow school speech day 2004 Speech day 2006 WORLD CUP Speech day 2008 Sorry no audio on this one :( Speech...
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    can someone tell me about these girls

    nancy namfon im just doing some research ... they playin in lakorns right... as u can tell i dont watch lakorns their age their english abilities where they studied. any other imformational would be great
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    what u guys get for xmas?

    so what did ya guys get or buy with ur money? i got lots of money and just went crazy as normal buyin clothes and stuff for the car .... bears, sunglasses, shoes haha u know... ma friend got me some spongebob things too which i was really pleased with :D
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    Happy 81st Birthday to The King

    He's mildly sick right now so it was said he will not be makin any speech or anythin for his birthday Long Live The King!!! 5th December 2008
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    Fireball staring bank clash

    check it out new film staring Bank Clash
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    hair cut HELP

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    Who wanna see matthew deanes butt!!!??

    sorry man censor 555
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    Tornado south america

    mannn any one hurt or anything? effected? hope ma fellow sarnies r ok ...
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    Post desktops

    dno if this has already been done 555 oh well.. edit i have this b/g on ma laptop to remind me how cold england was!! omg i was like frozen aha
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    pix of ur accomadation & ur stuffs

    sorry i deleted it
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    post picture of ur skool

    deleted sorry...
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    True singers

    OMG coz today im so bored so today i was cheakin out live real concerts which are not edited and lip sing and i found just a few who are true singers and Aof he is a great singer i love his voice its really good Bank clash such an angel voice dan d2b he has a great voice dint notice it...
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    Laptop radiation

    ok so i have a laptop with wireless haha built in haha and today shaz told me off for havin it on ma stomach and fallin asleep with it on there because she read that it will give cancer and stuff buh like we are exposed to radiation all day everywere anywere just wanted to see ur points of view...
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    In da box Open box leaw more stuff the back all da stuff turn on umm and its a s**t fone 555
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    His Majesty in hospital

    His Majesty in hospital after MRI exam His Majesty the King underwent an MRI examination at Siriraj Hospital yesterday after complaining about weakness in his right leg, according to the Royal Household Bureau. Published on October 14, 2007 When the magnetic resonance imaging device detected...