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    Young Man Stabbed and Decapitated on Greyhound Bus

    A 22 year-old man was randomly stabbed to death then decapitated in Manitoba, Canada on a Greyhound bus last Wednesday night... it seemed to be a random act that no one would ever expect, but nevertheless, sad and tragic.... My heart goes out to his family and friends...
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    For those who don't know, Jabbawockeez is a group of dancers (hip hop) who won Season 1 of America's Best Dance Crew and they are UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING!!!!!!!! well, in my opinion at least! :P and they're pretty fyne too :lol: so yea, i just wanted to start a thread for all the jabbawockeez...
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    Nat Morris vs Hayden Christiansen

    I just recently watched the Star Wars series with my lil bro and I noticed that Hayden and Nat look extremely alike...... does anyone else think so???
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    Converting mp3 on cell to a ringtone

    i have an mp3 phone and i want to use that music as my ringtone. Is that possible and how would i be able to set that up?
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    Mini sd cards

    i just got a new sd card off ebay for my cell and since i dont have an sd slot on my comp, i use the sd card reader, but somehow it wont work n when i put the mini sd into my phone, it says that the content files do not exist, does anyone know why? please help me if your familiar with this. i...