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    Moving to Boston

    I'll be moving to Boston in a couple of weeks for an internship. Anyone from Sarnworld around there? What's Boston like? I've never been there and the winter thing is making me nervous, I'm from the South so I've seen snow like 3 times in my entire life and when I say "snow" I mean like flakes...
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    Ngao Rahu

    Anyone remember this lakorn and what's it about? I came across the opening credits on youtube the other day and never knew Pete played with Noon S. (Ploy Cherman's older sister).
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    External Hard Drives

    I'm looking to get a new external hard drive and was wondering if people had any recommendations or reviews on them? I used to have a Seagate FreeAgent and it died just after 3 months. The 5 year warranty (which was one of the reasons I bought it) is a lot of bull, cause they don't cover...
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    Leaked ad of Tom Cruise for Scientology

    Has anyone seen this? Someone linked it to me. It's pretty funny in that this guy makes absolutely no sense and is freaking nuts. No offense to any scientologists here at SW if any exists.
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    Phoenix from the Ashes

    Has anyone seen this? Its like watching a lakorn. There's previews and clips of it at youtube. Usually the only Chinese series I watch are the martial arts/ancient ones, the modern stuff doesn't interest me at all but this is the exception mainly because I think Shawn is cute. :lol: I was...
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    9/11 Fifth Anniversary

    Anyone remember what they were doing on this day 5 years ago? How you found out about 9/11? Its weird cause I have a bad memory and can't even remember what I did yesterday but this day remains pretty vivid. Our school had a little moment of remembrance for today.
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    Buying bollywood dvds online

    Has anyone ever bought dvds from eros entertainment or Thos were the 2 sites I found and was wondering about service. Are they good sites to buy from? Or are there other better sites.
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    American Soaps

    Just wondering if anyone watches American soap operas? My roommate watches it religiously. After the first weekend we met, she was like I hope you don't watch anything at 12 or I'll have to get a new roomie. :lol: She schedules her classes around the damn thing. No offense in case there are...
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    Joy's old lakorn Q.

    I was looking through a list of her lakorns, her filmography and I came across two that I've never even heard of and was wondering if anyone knew the summary, who was the p'ek, was it good and whatnot. Dok mai nai pa now (Flower in the cold cloth or something? not too sure) Som Song Saeng
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    Music Video of the "R" scenes

    Revised version. Oh for some reason the end credits got cut off where I credited Sarn and her site and all the uploaders so its here. :wub: CREDIT to Sarn and her site for the clips. (Note: hope you don't mind that I used them) Made with Media Studio Pro...
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    Sad ending Lakorns

    LOL, now this is the right section hopefully. :ph34r: Ok so I got the idea from the lakorn game post and thought it might be fun to name all of the lakorns where either or both the n'ek/p'ek dies and why. Here's some right off the top of my head. Kularp See Tao-Johnny/Noos she dies of cancer...