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    Payak Sao Sab Eelee(Polyplus-NookNarn)

    I'll surely watch this lakorn becuz I'm a fan of Noy, and of course this film Teya is in it..missed her eversince Prissna..But sorry gotta say I'm not a fan of Benz..She's U-G-L-Y...Sorry to the fan that I said it straight out, but I don't find her good looking at all... well i guess that just...
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    Rai Rissaya(Tv Scene)

    Is Aum holding benz's arm? how cute. :wub: :wub:
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    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    My Vote goes to BENZ BENZ BENZ LOL...I was just going to say that! I agree completely.... it would be an interesting lakorns for benz since she never do r-scene before the chemistry between them will be good. Here's Benz & Aum...They're sooo cute together, i just love this couple & i'm not...
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    Saeng Soon(Exact)

    i really want to see this lakorns...FINALLY ?? its gonna be stupid if chakrit die...aaaaaargghhh lets all pray that If it really doesnt happen....aaargh...maybe they will get together....I really hope!!! But now spoiled my lil wee joy of happiness...
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    Thep Tida Kon Nok(TV Scene)

    ne of benz fans said benz will die. that was before the lakorn had aired WHAT???? sHes going to die in this lakorns??? are u sure about this? i dont want her to die. :(
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    Krueng Tep Ratree(Who & Who)

    so joy will be the villain again? but isn't she supposed to pair up with nott?!
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    Thep Tida Kon Nok(TV Scene)

    I agree with you puppylov. Although Benz is playing a nang'rai role, the story is mainly about her. I like Benz. I think she's a great actress! Did I tell you guys I saw her in person years ago? Where/when did you meet her? I met her in person too, while she was in Australia...She is...
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    Thep Tida Kon Nok(TV Scene)

    ..I feel like Benz little old to Tye. Also episode 1 no open credit like bsfs too. benz is older in real life too. tye is born in 1981 while she is 1980 while. TYE is hot in here ! I'd totally add him to my collection of hotties!
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    Thep Tida Kon Nok(TV Scene)

    I think the drama is pretty good! I like benz more in this, compared to her role in jomjai...i wait until she get all dress-up like janie.
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    What's your favorite Benz?

    Mai Meung with Andrew i wanna to see her with Andrew again.
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    Star Ent. Awards '06

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    Star Ent. Awards '06

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    Star Ent. Awards '06

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    benz on Lisa Weekly

    very pretty.
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    caps of Benz,Vicky,Khem on "Poying.." talkshow

    thanks for sharing...i watched show they're very all fuuny.
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    Rahut Risaya (PolyPlus)

    what is THIS? who is that? GOD he looks sexy, but that said who is that, better not be his wife or something =( i'm not sure but i think its his girlfriend.
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    Suparp Burud Chao Din

    Sounds like a great lakorns. This will also be on my must-see list.
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    Thep Tida Kon Nok(TV Scene)

    Benz is gorgeous...can't wait.
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    Taya Rogers

    Is it really teya?!!! I don't recognize her. she looks cute.
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    Celebrity Fund-Raiser

    I respect these people for posing nude.. but I do not support them when they are posing for nude charity stunt snubbed by Aids temple. I just don't think it's very tasteful. There is nothing wrong with loving your body, but to me I think nude posing are unneccesary. I wonder who else took the...