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    How can you tell the difference between love and like?

    I have been dating my bf for over 4 yrs. He wants to get marry, but I am not. My mind is telling me, "He has too many flaws for me to accept him as a husband.” My heart can not tell the difference between love and like. My friends tells me, "love is blind. If you love some one, you can...
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    I want to buy a couple of dramas, but can't find a good website to buy them. Please Help! I want to buy: Thai Lom horn AKA "kajal Kouch" Aum & Benz Chinese Road to the hero So, the king of beggers revolution of the last hero The last breakthrough The young wong fei hung Please help
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    Could some one please explain how to use the program to view sub? i got this info...... but i still don't get it. What does this mean? Place sub file in the same directory as the video file. Make sure that they have the same filename. what is submux and subresync? What are softsubs...