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  1. nkaujhmoob_vaj

    {Official Thread} Lee Min Ho

    Profile Name: 이민호 / Lee Min Ho Profession: Actor Birthdate: 1987-Jun-22 Height: 185cm Star sign: Cancer Blood type: A TV Series Boys Before Flowers as Go Jun Pyo (KBS2, 2008) But I Don't Know too (나도 잘 모르지만) as Min Wook Gi (MBC, 2008) I'm Sam as Heo Mo Se (KBS2, 2007) Mackerel Run...
  2. nkaujhmoob_vaj

    nplooj siab poj ntsuam

    ok us tub yaj fanatics out there.... what did you guys think about his new movie called nplooj siab poj ntsuam?? me personally, i didn't think the movie was all that great... and i bought it for $42! what a waste of money... the actors and actresses in the movie wasn't all that great with their...
  3. nkaujhmoob_vaj

    happy birthday ken!

  4. nkaujhmoob_vaj

    Ken Theeradeth's lakorns dubbed in Hmong.

    i was wondering if anyone can name all the lakorns that p'ken starred in that are dubbed in Hmong... so far... i only know sawan bieng or kev hlub daws tau kev chim... any other ones???
  5. nkaujhmoob_vaj

    The Hmong Movement Concert

    soooo.... WHO'S GOING TO THE HMONG MOVEMENT CONCERT????!!!! WHOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO! if u are... i'll see you there... :D
  6. nkaujhmoob_vaj

    which do you perfer?

    i was just wondering... since my friends and i always talk about this... when it comes to deciding on which one to choose... 1. would you choose the one you love? -or- 2. would you choose the one who loves you? *pretend that the one you love is someone who likes you as a friend and the one...
  7. nkaujhmoob_vaj

    Who is your favorite actor?

    just wondering...
  8. nkaujhmoob_vaj

    last name first and first name last or last name last and first name first?

    i was wondering... and i dunno why i was wondering about this... i guess cause it was confusing... is thai the same way as americans where they have their first name first and their last name last or are they like chinese and koreans where the last name is first and the first name is last??? i...
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    Which wallpaper should i use for fanfic?

    what do you guys think? v. 1.1. v. 1.2. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- here's the summary of the fanfic i'm going to write if you guys wanna read it... Created for Each Other
  10. nkaujhmoob_vaj

    Created for Each Other

    hey guys... i'm like totally bored so i guess i'll start this fanfic.... i dunno if i'll ever finish it (because i never do finish any of my fanfics...) but if you guys like it... then i'll continue writing it... but i won't promise that i'll finish writing this fanfic. just a warning... :D...
  11. nkaujhmoob_vaj

    [request] ENG SUBS for hua jai sila

    can someone sub hua jai sila for me?? or if anyone knows where i can find the lakorn with the subs... thanks a bunch!!
  12. nkaujhmoob_vaj

    My Artwork [updated 12.03.08]

    these are some of my artwork... artwork of some of my favorite thai lakorns...