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    Operation Fobbiness

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to announce to you all that I just opened my first blog. :D My first post contains a fan-fiction story that I wrote. Through this blog, I hope that I can share more about the Hmong culture/history, my fan-fiction, news/reviews on Korean/Chinese entertainment, along...
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    Hatsune Miku

    Okay, I know that this is in the wrong forum but the Japanese forum isn't as active so I'm putting this in the Hmong forum. All I have to say is, WTF is this!? People actually pay to go to a concert of a graphic singer?! The singer isn't even real! They just use a fricken computer program to do...
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    What do these dreams mean?

    I've dreamed about killing Poj Ntxoog's twice now. The first time, I was killing 3 Poj Ntxoog's disguised as Humans and killed them with my bare hands. (I felt extra tired and as if it was really move in real life. I think I was half conscious.) The next time(just happed 2 days ago), I was...
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    Nkauj Hmoob Meskas Nraug Hmoob Nplog

    Lol. I came across these video and it made me crack up. Looks like the guy wants to marry her even though they just met and she rejected him. Then he starts asking for money. xD Aiya, are they really this desperate to create a scene at the new year? And to think I wanted to take my parents and...
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    Bu Bu Jing Xin sequel

    NOTE: This is my version of a Bu Bu Jing Xin sequel/Modern Bu Bu Jing Xin. If you guys haven't finished watching BBJX, I'd suggest you to not read this as it may spoil the series for you. I will be editing and updating regularly so please check what I edit. **-Flashback starts/ends I'm an...
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    Huab Ci Yaj Vol.2

    Just went to the Flea Market and bought this. Some of the songs aren't so good imho. One of the song is from Teresa Teng and another is from Maly Vue. I think most of the songs uses a diff. song's melody.
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    Hmoob Lub Kua Muag

    How do I delete this? Made 2 threads by accident. :/
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    Hmoob Lub Kua Muag

    I love the lyrics that they wrote. The clips they chose for the video is nice. It really shows how much our Hmong people have gone through. Spread the word. Put this video on every website you go to. Like and favorite this video to get it onto the front page.
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    Tsw Qab Thoj's new album

    Haha, I couldn't help but laugh when the English part came in. The English part really made the song funny. But I think her English is okay for Hmong Nplog. More previews on youtube.
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    Es Lauj's new album

    Hehe, Es Lauj finally has an album coming out soon. :D He's gotten a bit better but imo, his voice is still on the neutral side. Not too many emotions. I think his voice got a bit deeper. o.0 Here's a preview. More previews are on HmongSheeYeeVideoPro's youtube channel. I chose to put these...
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    Couple who suicided together

    NOTE: Shows dead bodies(skeletons) towards the end of video. Not for those with weak hearts. Even though they were considered aunts and nephews in the Hmong culture, I think they should've had a full discussion with the family to see their view on what they think of their love. Even if their...
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    Young Baby Shaman

    Recently saw this on youtube. Originally, it left me questioning whether it was real or not but according to you guys, it's fake since there's no Thaj Neeb etc. Now I'm wondering why they would even allow/suggest the child to do this. o.0
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    Maiv Lis Thoj's mv

    Recently saw this mv and it has disappointed me a LOT. Can't believe how low our Hmong people would sink just to gain more viewers. Wtf is wrong with producers/directors these days? What kind of crappy music video is this? The mv doesn't even match the song. Wtf does swimming and a bathing suit...
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    The Outsiders I & II

    The Outsiders I and II in Hmong dubb is now closed. The Outsiders I: The Outsiders I was pretty good. It was boring at some parts but definitely worth watching. Much more interesting than part 2. The only part that made me teary was when Xiao Yan Zi got raped. That really really made me mad...
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    The Outsiders I & II Hmong dubb?

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    Txiv Mi Tub

    I ran across this on youtube and was wondering what this movie is about. Any summaries for me?
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    Es Lauj's myspace :O

    So I was searching for Es Lauj on the internet and came across some pictures of him on a motorcycle and it linked to his myspace. :o And yes, it's his real myspace. His sponsor said that Es showed him his myspace when they were in Laos filming. Link to his myspace:
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    Nkauj Nab Siv Ceeb ghost

    @4:42 There's a ghost/poj ntxoog standing in the bushes towards the left of the hill. It's green-ish/really see through with a really black head. I was looking for it cause someone mentioned it in the comments but I couldn't find it until I left the page and got back to it. BAM! I saw it. SCARY...
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    [Mainland] Tian Wai Fei Xian

    So, I'm currently watching Tian Wai Fei Xian, aka Seven of the Sky. I'm towards the end with like, 7 episodes left and it has angered me soo much because of Haoqi, Saijin, and Xue Hai. I find their decisions sooo annoying! Haoqi: Helps Xue Hai kill 50 people for his own life because of the...
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    Hlub Nrog Kua Muag

    I never knew that there was another version of Hlub Nrog Kua Muag other than the Thai one and the other one made by Hmong Shee Yee Video Pro. Anyone know about it? And for some reason they don't look Hmong here. They look Thai. o.0...