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  1. TheGurlo22

    Does anyone know the title of this one Taiwanese drama that's airing on HMONG TV now?

    Does anyone know the title of this one Taiwanese drama that's airing on HMONG TV now? It's either Chinese or Taiwanese. I WANT THE REAL TITLE. It's about these 3 guys who styles & cuts hair.
  2. TheGurlo22

    Hmong Culture is Slowly Fading….

    First of all, I believe in Shamanism. So I totally agree with this passage down here. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK ABOUT THIS?? ALL THE HMONG PEOPLE OUT THERE. This passage actually made me angry.. "I don’t know if this blog post is...
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    Bie's NEW ALBUM

    The Playlist:
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    Barry Nadech

    Credit Magazine Dee & Nadechworld:
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    Fang Pichaya:Blooming Beautiful Bright Girl

    Credit to MagazineDee:
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    Mint Chalida, Mark Prin, Yaya Urassaya

    Credit Sanook/MagazineDee:
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    Pattie Ungsumalin: Bunny Pattie

    Credits Berry:
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    Grace Karnklao Duaysianklao

    Credits Lisa:
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    Paula Taylor : Angel Paula

    Credits to TvPool:
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    Need Help Finding Title to a Song!!!

    I found this song a year ago, but i don't know the title yet. I only have a little part of the song(like about one minute). I heard it's by Koda Kumi, so yep. If anyone know the title, please tell me. Thanks! Listen to the song here: *You have to download it first* Click here to listen :)
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    Toey Jarinporn

    Credit Kapook:
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    Bowie Attama: Fairies

    Credit Magazine Dee:
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    Taew Nattaporn: Again & Again

    Credit Magazine Dee:
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    [Official MV] กลัวที่ไหน - บี้ The Star
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    Peak Pattarasaya

    Credits to Magazine Dee:
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    Ploy Chermarn Boonyasak

    Credits to Magazine Dee:
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    Cheer Thikumporn Rittapinun

    Credits to TvInside & MagazineDee:
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    Koy Ratchawin: Hottest Chic Style

    Credits to TvPool:
  19. TheGurlo22

    We Love King (Pan Din Kong Hao)

    This movie was dedicated to the King of Thailand Trailer: It's funny for me for this top picture. He was playing that Hmong game,,throwing balls :) More Pictures here: