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    [Ch5] Jaopayu (Exact & Scenario)

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    [Ch3] Sanaeha Sunya Kaen (PolyPlus)

    Lydia in here also, as the n rai??
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    [Ch7] Tida Payayom (Kantana)

    I'm very excited! AnyOne happen to know the storyline?
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    Best singer who ISN'T a singer?

    Cee, Porsche, Amy n Kwan
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    Best Criers

    I think Lydia did a good job in her first lakorn, and Kwan also did a good job too.
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    What Lakorn star do you absolutely hate

    Anne, Aump, Pancake, Vill ( I don't personally hate them but they are too over rated and I'm somehow getting tired of them. I think they should just give others actress a chance to be on screen)
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    which stars you cant stand to watch their lakorn

    Actress: Pinky, Pancake, Cherry, Pang, Mint N, Vill, Benz, Aump, Taew. Actors: Charkit, Mart, Nok
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    Who is your favorite actress right now????

    Kwan U, Aff T, Mint C, Lydia S, Aom P, Best A, Fang P, Charbelle, Cheer T, Janie T
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    [Ch7] Pang Sanaeha (Dida)

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    I'm addicted to Ukiss "Tick Tack"

    I'm addicted to Ukiss "Tick Tack"
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    Check out UKISS new JAPAN DEBUT "TICK TACK": I'm addicted! FYI: Japanese pronounce tick tock as "tick tack". This is another awesome song written by JD relic. I'm voting for UKISS this time.I've come to love them and I pray to God they win that MTV award. They truely deserve it after all of...
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    [Film] Sunny 2011

    i love this movie, min hyo rin is soo pretty.
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    [Mainland] Bu Bu Jing Xin 步步惊心 (HunanTV)

    i think this is one of the best Chinese series i seen this year. liu shi shi did an amazing job, she is now my bias.
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    [CH5] Kularb Satan (Exact & Scenerio)

    by watching the teaser makes me wanna see the whole lakorn, anyone know the storyline to this drama yet.
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    do u "know" a hmong celebrity????

    I didn't mean to be disrespectful, but i heard this rumor while i went to one of the "ua noj, ua neej", and some people from Thailand said that dawb thoj is an Laos kids that maiv puv parent adopted, but i wasn't sure if that true too. Since u known them, i just though i ask. Again, i do not...
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    [Movie] The Sorcerer and the White Snake 2011

    i'm watching this for vivian hsu, she soo pretty in red, but too bad she show up only in they begining. Charlene Choi, story is sooo cute and lovely. so far this movie is worth-watching, but it kinda slow.
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    [Ch7] Look Poochai Mai Ta Pode (Kantana)

    is the n'ek a new actress? anywase can;t wait for this one
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    me too, i haven't got the chance to see it. they all look so young
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    Sara Legg

    sara look so cute and beautiful.
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    Guy & Vill

    ahhh, guy n vill look so adorable on the first picture