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  1. starlet1985

    Vicki Sunisa tells off a hater

    Lol @ Vicki, i never understood the haters, if u don't like this person why do u even bother going on their social-network-profile?
  2. starlet1985

    OMG, Nathan Oman does "VOODOO"

    From what i understand he was trying to make people love him? And then something about a homoseksual spell? Im a bit confused here, like i understand what they're saying but it's confusing because of the 10 shades of CRAZY in this story. She was funny when she said maybe he was just doodling...
  3. starlet1985

    [Pix]Ch3 4 series lakorn for their 40th Anniversary

    Aw that is cool. They got some cute newbies. And Aum is looking fine as ever.. a little bored but still fine lol
  4. starlet1985

    Dan's Diary

    Yaay!!! It is back! Now all we need is an update lol
  5. starlet1985

    2 pm

    OMG!!! I just stumbled on this news through google by accident. I am so shocked. Then i came here to see if anyone else knew about it too. I had so much hope for Jay to come back. What could he have done that was so bad? I'm really going to miss him. Ok i'll get back to this later because im...
  6. starlet1985

    anything new on vicky jett...

    I agree. She is underrated. I want to see her more but i havent heard any news about her im sorry
  7. starlet1985

    Dan's Diary

    Does anyone have any idea where went? I know it wasn't updated frequently but it was a source for personal messages, videoclips, blogs, stories and candids from Dan Worrawech. And a couple of days back i wanted to take a look at the site to see if it had something new and it was...
  8. starlet1985

    Num Sornam in California

    Haha it was fun to read your stories. I'm gonna go see if i can find some sneaky recordings of it on youtube hehe
  9. starlet1985

    Yah!! It's Finally Here! The Age of the REAL Kiss has arrived

    Ruk Leh Saneh Luang (Por Thrisadee & Ploy Cherman)
  10. starlet1985

    Paula Taylor Boyfriend is Hot

    Not hot but cute.He looks nice :D
  11. starlet1985

    The Brain Game

    It took me like a minute or so but at first didnt really understand what i was looking for and then i saw him. And i was like AAArgh! Cause it scared me lol.
  12. starlet1985

    how to know he likes u

    I think you can tell by the way he reacts to you. -Like he will always call you back or on his own. -Remembering the things you've told him like your favorite food, or like that you had a dentist appointment today (and he's gonna ask you how it went). -He notices things like new shoes or a...
  13. starlet1985

    Locked in the house 4days bcuz of the Snow!

    Locked in the house 4days bcuz of the Snow!
  14. starlet1985

    Locked in the house 4days bcuz of the Snow!

    Locked in the house 4days bcuz of the Snow!
  15. starlet1985

    Num Sornam in California

    @Fun4fun you can borrow mine but you'll have to pretend to be dutch lol Your siggie is pretty btw what programm did u use to make it? on topic: why don't they ever come to Holland :( But everyone who is going: have fun! Take pictures and let us know it was :D I'll be waiting here dying with...
  16. starlet1985

    Thai Stars with perfect english

    Don't know if they were mentioned, because i quickly browsed through this topic but was too lazy too read everything lol but: Golf Mike. They do have an asian accent but they sound pretty good to me. Like i'd be able to have a conversation with them in english :) here's a clip: golf mike...
  17. starlet1985


    yes a lot of dust under the bed
  18. starlet1985

    The Person Below You....

    yes and no depending how you look at it. tpbm craves sugar
  19. starlet1985

    Have you ever...

    no but im not sure if i understand the question right have u ever picked your nose in public?
  20. starlet1985

    This or That

    Thats not fair i want them both! loosing your teeth or loosing your hair?