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  1. pangmoua

    best n worst hmong dubbed

    Just curious to see what dubbing companies do u think is the best n the worst. I was trying to find the hmong dubbed version of a thai lakorn however i dislike the voices for the characters...especially for the character that i really love the voice ruins my mood which i ended up going back to...
  2. pangmoua

    Nang Paya Prai

    anyone know where I can watch Nang Paya Prai? i can't seem to find it in youtube. please help, would really appreciate it. thanks very much.
  3. pangmoua

    sarnworld chat

    hello sarnies, i tried going into the chatroom for a couple of days now but somehow am unable. it says there's a crash or something and i send a crash report but still i couldn't get in. my computer is up-to-date with the program that is needed for the chat but somehow i couldn't get in. does...
  4. pangmoua

    which role/character would you play...

    hello everyone, I know everyone here watches a lot and i mean tons and tons of thai lakorn and fall desperately in love with them. out of all the lakorns and the roles/characters that the n'ek plays or p'ek plays, which role/character would you play if you have one chance to play the...
  5. pangmoua

    Song Help

    Hello everyone, I need help finding a song. It's the song put in the movie Roi Ruk Roi Adeet starting Captain and Pin Kejmanee where they died together by being bound together and drown. Puri also plays in this lakorn as Captain's brother in the old life and the new life. in the new life, both...
  6. pangmoua

    Summer Plans?

    Hello everyone, Just curious as to what everyone's going to be doing for the summer. School? Work? Traveling? My summer will be spent on work and school. However, I want to go to July 4th in Minnesota (but I have to see my schedule before making a decision, still unsure about this plan)...
  7. pangmoua

    Oh Gamon

    anyone have information or pictures on this actor? i am listening to aon kevlin's songs and i have to say i like him. i think he looks cute. any information or know of pictures please let me know. thanks for your help.
  8. pangmoua

    Four Sisters: Love Only Once

    Welcome to my first fanfic. Four Sisters: Love Only Once Credit to Leemyis for the beautiful Fanfic Poster Is about four sisters who met love differently. Aff, is the oldest and auction herself to get the money needed for their mother's surgery. Rita, is the second oldest and works as a...
  9. pangmoua

    Pepper with Who?

    Just wondering if you prefer: Pepper w/Amy Pepper w/Ann I think that pepper have more chemistry with amy. Love them so much in their lakorn. hope they'll have more lakorns together. :wub:
  10. pangmoua

    Sapai Gon Krua Magazine!

    Hello, I am looking for Sapai Gon Krua, Pepper and Amy's lakorn magazine. I check with ethaicd but they don't have it anymore. Please help me if anyone knows where else I could get the magazine. Thanks a bunch.
  11. pangmoua

    info on UHT members

    anyone have any information about the UHT band. I would like to know more about them. Thanks for the help.