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  1. x_xshinx_x

    TNT Entertainment??

    I been looking for this lakorn dubbed by TNT Entertainment, but somehow where ever I go, I see no more TNT Entertainment's lakorn projects. I was wondering if anyone know what happen to them? OR do people just no longer sell their stuff?  
  2. x_xshinx_x

    [Request] Nang Singh Sabad Chor :)

    I was wondering if anyone can help sub this lakorn!~ :) I really want to see it, but sadly... I don't know Thai... ;____; Broadcast period: July 25, 2012 - September 11, 2012 CAST- -Mos Patiparn Pataweekarn as Policeman Thummo -Ornjira Larmwilai (Pang) as Keaw -Pei Panward Hemanee as...
  3. x_xshinx_x

    Song needed...

    Hello All!~ I'm searching for a instrumental of this song... It's kind of a old song. Does anyone know if there's any? Any help will be loved!~ The song- Paradise- Like A Shooting Star
  4. x_xshinx_x

    Unexpected Feeling

    Title- Unexpected Feeling… Staring- Bie Sukrit as Tonnarm Mew Peerachaya as Meen **These two paring were the making of making me so obsesses with Thai lakorns until this very day** Summary- Meen is a lower class girl, but lives her life strongly with pride and respect. Tonnarm is a very...
  5. x_xshinx_x

    [Request] Liem Petch Carat

    Can someone help english sub. Liem Petch Carat cast starring- Win Tawin Pancake Thanks!~