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    Bella Ranee Gets in a Car Accident Damn. What bad luck she had. After an event she was going back home and car crash. They said she gonna be okay but still worried for her.   
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    {UPDATED Preview Chapter 2: The Dark Prince's City} The Four Prince: Elemental Series

    The Prince's City   Prince Nadech is just a cold heartless b*st*rd who uses his money and charm for his own desire and pleasure. Yaya is just a city-girl who was recently hired to become Nadech's personal and work-related assistant. She hesitates when she hears rumors that Nadech has...
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    Maikair's Artworks <3

    Here is my very first artwork of Yadech!! Made in less an hour but was pretty hard for me due to the complicated tools.My upcoming fanfiction!! 
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    My Darling...... You're Dead Meat!!!!! {UPDATED CH2}

    Here is a poster for MTEAM that Kikichue has made for me (THANK YOU! I LOVE IT!).    There are others but she is still working on them and I will not push her. AUTHOR'S NOTE: THERE ARE NO ORIGINAL PAIRS. YOU GET TO IMAGINE WHOEVER YOU WANT TO BE THE CAST.  THE POSTERS ARE JUST TO MAKE IT...