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    make the move..

    Has anyone here find someone attractive, and went for it? What strategies do you use? How do you know she/he is interested? Do you just go for it or you wait for some kind of sign(s) from them? If so, what kind of signs give you the green light (what kind of signs you consider as a green...
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    ok..easy do you reject someone? here's ones that I've already used. 1. I'm happily married. Then the guy start saying stuff like, nowadays everyone is getting a divorce, and that my husband won't be/isn't as faithful as he is. -_- (I usually use this one at work, and most of...
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    Going to L.A.

    Hi everybody!!! Ok, I'm planning a trip to May..and I wanted to know where are good places to shop!!! and of won't be brining my car, since I don't know my way around LA so it'll be nice if the hotel is near shopping areas..or any place fun...any suggestions on where...
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    (sorry if this is in the wrong section) I just checked my account, and I got deleted, all of my links no longer work. Then I rant to my niece and friends about it, about all the hard works and all, and they went to check their accounts. They also got deleted. anyone else have this problem...
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    credit to Monster Soul Members: Stage name: Heaven (Chun Gook, 천국) Name: 정승현 Jung Seung Hyun Position: Vocal Birthdate: 1987.6.14 Height: 177cm Likes: Cooking, inline skating Favorite musicians: Craig David, Justin Timberlake Stage name: Real (리얼) Name: 배준렬 Bae Joon Ryul Position: Vocal...
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    A virus that is locked up my niece has a virus on her comp, and she says that it's locked up, so it's not harming her computer, at least, she don't think so, but the virus is eating up her space..about 100 GB already..anyone know how to get rid of it? and can that she get that 100GB back? also..she also has a...
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    credit to soompi: First Album: In Your Hands (credit to anna for uploading their album :yahoo: )
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    ok..i'm really getting annoyed now.. When i go on the internet, just doing the regular..browsing, dling..etc..but sometimes the window will just exit itself out..and i didn't do anything!! it's so annoying..sometimes when i dling things, it'll just exit out by itself..the windows will just...
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    can anyone recommend a good brand name laptop? or at least laptops that you, yourself, would want?
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    helping a friend's what he said: hey, i downloaded hana kim and it's in mp4 format. I had a mp4 convertor but it won't convert this. I hate watching shizzle on my pc. advice?
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    i was wondering.. i've been wanting to post pics up, like in the gallery and stuff, of myself..but!!!! hehe..most of my pics are like..MOST of them are pics of me holding drinks..sooooooooooooo...can i still post it up? or do i have do blur out the drinks then post it up? or i can't post it up...
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    where's the singing/voice? i have these files in .dat's joy s. rachanee morlum OST..and at first, it was alright..i can watch it and listen to it, but now, when i watch it, i can see the MV and hear the music...but when it comes to the singing part, i can't hear's only the music..anyone know...
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    Buddie Media there a certain amount of post that you need to reach to be able to see that section or can everyone just see it?
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    *^-^* ~~LINDA'S LAND~~ *^-^*

    Hi Everyone!!! Welcome to Linda's Land!! I'm Linda, or untinnu, which ever one you want to use. I will be uploading mostly just CD albums that I have and other things that I've leeched off other uploaders (but everything will be re-uploaded by me using MediaFire). Hehe. If there's anything...
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    i have dsl...but...

    ok..I've have DSL, but at one point, my computer got a virus and it slowed down my computer.. then I reformatted my computer and now my comp is working as good as new and faster than ever, and i think it even got rid of the virus, since the virus notice thingy doesn't pop up anymore...
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    Song Raow Nirundon

    IT'S OUT!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!