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    Pat's sexy in TV Inside (latest)

    Just for those who didn't know or see...go and check her out with latest TV Inside...Pat's too sexy.
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    Chakrit's on Volumne with Jaja

    Did anyone see Chakrit posted with Jaja w/Volumne (February issue)? AMG....he's so freaky hot....this is what I called a hot actor.
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    New mag of Kob (Nov.-Sudsapda)

    I just saw Kob on Sudsapda-Nov. issue.....just to let all her fans know.
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    Por's on GM Magazine

    I don't know if anyone knows...but just to let you guys know that he appears on GM Magazine (not sure if next month or end of this month).
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    Anyone knows name of the fashion mag that Aom Piyada posted with this white dude?

    I was wondering if anyone saw the news that show Aom Piyada posted this mag with this white dude. I'm looking to buy it. She looks glamour in this mag. Thanks.
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    Sometimes when I was bored...I used to watched india movies too...but I'm very particular...the last one I was with Kareena/Hrithik.
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    I just saw this mag with Kob....she's cute....should check this out.
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    Isn't true?

    I'm just curious...I saw this cover on Oops...what was this mean...Chakrit/Jakarin broke-up. I hope it's true...she's too ugly for him. I just hope it's true. Anyone knows please do post here......really wanted to know. Thanks:)!
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    TV Inside-Kob Suvanant?

    I was just wondering if anyone has the actual posts of Kob's mag "TV Inside. If you do, please post them. Thanks a million:)!
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    Did anyone have this? If so, please post.....thanks.