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  1. thailakornlover75

    Love Confession: *TP Ship*

    Hiii, I was thinking maybe I should just put this in my other fanfic thread, but this one is more about the real life people rather than the characters from the Thai dramas they play in. This is honestly just me hoping these two will be together one day, soon cuz they aren't getting any younger...
  2. thailakornlover75

    Tai Orathai/ Phai Phongsathon: New Ablbum 2020-Friendship

    Tai and Phai (the two Issan singers) are coming out with an album called Friendship/Road of Friendship, with the songs dropping September 17 in Thailand. I think this album is going to be super big since Tai and Phai are a big Khu-jin. (I ship them too, lol) On September 2nd they had like a...
  3. thailakornlover75

    Once Ours* (Inspired Story)

    Hey guys, thanks for checking out my story, the story line is inspired by the love story of Din and Paeng Kwan in Crowns of Grass (and my personal life, lol). I have about half the story already written and will try to upload them all soon. =) *WARNING: It's cheesy and cringeeeeee lol
  4. thailakornlover75

    Off Screen, On My Scrip: Mongkut Dok Yah / Dao Jurat Fah

    This is where I’ll be writing scenarios of things that could of happened or did happen that wasn’t in the script in the drama. I hope you enjoy! -I’ll also info in which episode I’m referring to. YOU CAN USE YOUR OWN PEOPLE, PLEASE DO Ep. 5 -Fah opened her eyes looking seeing Naht’s face...
  5. thailakornlover75

    Gam Wichayanee

    I just made a video of Gam. To watch plz go here, . It's not the best, but hope you guys like it. ☺️☺️☺️☺️
  6. thailakornlover75

    4 Podum♠️♠️♠️♠️

    Yass!!! So anybody into it? Cuz I am. I love it, I laugh so hard on every episode. It's just so funny and understanding when I watch it. Sometimes they play it so good, I try to find the actual Lakorn! Lol☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
  7. thailakornlover75

    That Hmong Child life.....

    You know you had a hmong childhood life when One of these relate to your hmong childhood,........ You stayed with your grandparents when your parents went somewhere Watched thai lakorn hmongdubbed Went to hmong new year and snacked like hell Playing "sister" with your sister and girl cousins...
  8. thailakornlover75

    Can't wait for PenTor

    I can't wait to see how this season of pentor will end. I hope Tor and Thip gets married and he won't be such a playboy. I'm feeling so bad for Thip right now. Anyway can't wait!!#