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    Making Extra Money with VEMMA

    Hi people. I'm never interested in business before. But I love the internet!! And recently I discovered this great home-based business online. It's called VEMMA. Feel free to check these out! It's a golden oppurtunity especially...
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    This is my first time dabbling in fanfiction writing. Hopefully I can finish writing this. Hahahaha!!! :lol: . I'm totally new to this fanfiction writing, so, pls ignore any abnormality you find in the story :blush: . Anyways, when the idea came about, the ONLY two people I thought of as the...
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    Isha Sharvani - The Queen of Dance

    I fell in love with her dance moves and skills eversince I saw the movie "Kisna". This Hindi/Aussie woman is an expert ballet and kathak dancer. not only that, she is also a martial arts experts in the art of Kalari Payat (an ancient form of self defence). Check this out! Martial Arts...
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    South East Asia's Greatest Female Vocalists

    Siti Nurhaliza (Malaysia) Jaclyn Victor (Malaysia) Idayu (Malaysia) Agnes Monica (Indonesia)...
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    Who is considered to have the best singing vocal in Thailand?

    I always wonder which female singer in Thailand is recognised to have the best singing vocal in Thailand? It has been a while since I check out Thai's music entertaiment as I am more into dramas and actors/actressess. Anyone? :huh:
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    "Dari Mata Arisa" (In Arisa's Eye) Malaysian version of JLR

    I guess not many people in this forum know about dramas from malaysia. truthfully, to compare our dramas to dramas from other countries in Asia like Thailand, Philipines, Singapore and Indonesia, we a bit conservative. But we are used to them and we don't mind watching. :) Anyways, I have never...
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    Beautiful Women of Asia

    Beauty is perceived differently by different people. What is beautiful to one person, may not be the case for the others. Personally, I think these womene are the most beautiful in Asia, if not in the world. kristine hermosa (philipines) (filipino/spanish mestiza) mariana renata (indonesia)...
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    Whatever Happens To Lada Engchawadechasilp (Miss Thailand World 2001)?

    I always think that lada is one of the prettiest lady in Thai entertainment. The last time I saw her was in the lakorn where Aff and Chai were part of the cast too. I think it was Rissaya. Lada was the leading lady? And then, she just dissappeared? I found on the internet she now resides in San...
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    MAlware Attack!

    Hi. I wonder why why all of a sudden, today whenever i open a new page in sarnworld, my antivirus would detect viruses. This has never happened before. and it's kind of irritating because i have to "kill these viruses" before i can open a page. :huh: