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  1. kymmy310

    My Honey Can Sing!!

    ok i never knew that my baby could sing...OMG he sounds too professional if you would ask me. but yeah he composes all his songs, he plays guitar, and he CAN sing! *fans* myself....haha! but yeah when i first heard these, i thought some WH dude was singing this but it was really him...
  2. kymmy310

    Anjelah Johnson: Nail Salon

    this girl did a great immitation in this youtube link: Nail Salon
  3. kymmy310

    Kymmy singing Thai....WooHoo! LOL *UPDATED*...just added another one

    BIG *sigh* goes nothing. here's a song clip of me singing to Lydia's song "is this love" & Mint's song "ruk tur tee soot"...just added that one in just now. :D Kymmy - Is This Love Kymmy - Ruk tur tee soot
  4. kymmy310

    What His Last Relationship Says About Your Current One

    Most guys, if they're smart, spend as much time discussing their previous relationships as kindergarteners spend talking about Congressional elections. Men like to stay mum in part because we tend toward one of two stances when it comes to our exes--bragging, or whining. And neither is...