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    [Ch3] Mam Gaem Daeng (Guts Entertainment)

    I 'm so happy to hear about this. I"m really glad that they're finally trying to pair them up because i've heard for a while that alot of people really want them to get paired up which makes me wanna see them pair up to see how great they are together. Verryy excited !
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    Bo Bay (DaraVDO) CH7

    I love Cee.'; i Can't wait for this lakorn.
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    Om Akapan and Mint P

    I saw this.., it was just about the cutest thing ever
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    [Ch7] Bundai Dok Ruk (Dida)

    I agree. They're stunning together. A perfect Match i would say.
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    jui's random pictures

    I completely agree with you. Alot of the thai actresses that are pretty naturally are either half american, european, or something elsee.
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    Sao Chai Hi-Tech (DaraVDO)

    Ohh My god I loveee Om! I cannot believe that they've paired him up with Jui. They're gonna be great together.. woot i'm soo excited. This is a must see lakorn. This is the first time Om's beent he main character huh.. :))) I'm glad they've finally made him one<3
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    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    Since you saw the old version of this movie.. why is Pancake trying to take revenge from Weir orr w/e. why is she so mad? and why is he so shocked or.. he seems like he's in love with her
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    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    I think Weir and Pancake are doing a great job on this lakorn right now. its a little weird that Weir and Pancake's age differences aren't that far apart so its not so realistic, but.. for me it's still a lakorn that isn't so bad.
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    me and p'kens pictures

    Hahha. I agree with you
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    Can anyone get any sexier?!

    Ohh my gosh i agree with all of you. Ken is soo smoking hot. The first time i ever saw him was in Sawan Biang and.. ohh my god i fell face first hard for him. Ken is like an angel sent from heaven. hahaha. Love him soo much. at one point i was so obsessed with him that i wished i married him. haha.
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    Currently watching Bok Bua Kao

    Currently watching Bok Bua Kao
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    Currently watching Bok Bua Kao

    Currently watching Bok Bua Kao
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    Haha, this movie is so halirious. i'm so glad she can fight back well. Hahhaha. the fighting part scene is so halirious. Hahahah, wow.
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    Fai Chon Saeng (Feeling Good)

    Agreed. :huh:
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    MaeKa Kanom Wan(Makers Group)

    This lakorn is good. It's not really good to be honest, but it's very enteretaining. It's also really sweet, & romantic. It's not a slap & kiss tho. of course cause Cherry is way too tomboyish to let him do anything to her.. hahah!
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    Soot Saneha (Lakorn Thai)

    oh my gawd, that's so exciting! im so happy! I LOVE KEN & ANN'S LAKORNS! Ann is just such a great actress, along with Ken, they make the best matched couple. Their both professional actors, & very georgous people!
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    One Night Stand Only :: Ann/Ken

    Yeah i knoe, i'd love it!
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    One Night Stand Only :: Ann/Ken

    I'll be looking forward to that. Let me know when that'll be coming out & i'll check on it.
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    One Night Stand Only :: Ann/Ken

    I think you're fine with your grammer & english. This fanfic was so good i actually thought it was a lakorn coming out with Ken & ann. You know their new one coming out, i think the end of this year. 365 wuan ruk something like that.
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    One Night Stand Only :: Ann/Ken

    Wow, who ever wrote this fanfic is super good, you should become a director of some sort. i honestly think this fanfic should become a real lakorn. super good & entertaining, i just never have the time to read it all