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    Trailer Coming Soon! Vampire Amber: "How can I describe myself when I can't even see my own reflection?" As a full blooded vampire she comes from a royal family. Her life, including love has already been determined before she was even born.Her personality is hot tempered and cold. She considers...
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    We BELONG T o g e t h e r <3

    "Sometimes WISHES do come t r u e..."
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    __I L L U S I O N.

    "Things may not be as they appear. We see and hear things for a reason. Sometimes you can't tell what's real or what's an illusion. Only the heavens know. They have the eyes." Hi everyone! This is my second fanfic. It is different from Cupid's Game. I hope it grabs some interets. You can check...
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    C U P I D ' S ♥ GAME: Ch.3 P6 Hi everyone! Welcome to my first Fanfic. I will be writing this with the help of my friend Michelle. What is love? Who is it for? Does it bring happiness or does it bring...
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    Nat's Creation

    To start off...
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    Nat's Music Box

    Welcome to my spot!! I will be sharing some Mv's and Songs for you guys. If there's any problem please pm me. :lol: