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    [Ch3] Porn Phrom Olaweng (Wave Media)

    I loved this lakorn sooo much. It was sad, unpleasant, weird but soo good. It just didn't feel right when nang ek was being jealous of pra ek esp when she was the little girl...I hope this version is a little bit better.
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    [CH7] Se Ra Da Rul

    I'm already likin the story line hehe :lol: Yay the reunion of mai and weir
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    [Ch7] Nam Sor Sai (DaraVDO) : Kob Suvanant / Num Sornram

    OOOO I have my eyes on this one for sure! I do hope this will be a Pong and Noon reunion! I found out they're a popular coupling in China. Love their chemistry teehee
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    [Ch5] Kohn Teun (Exact - Scenario)

    Thanks for sharing the pictures :) I actually don't mind the watermarks on the pictures its just there's too much of it :( The guys are both hot! This is my first time watching Nawin act fully. I saw him in Mae Ying but I barely watched any of that lakorn. I hope Guy has more lakorns coming up...
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    Nat's Creation

    Thank Guys! It has been such a long timeee...I'm back into my photoshop mode hehe. Yes yes I know I'm addicted to Kon Teuan...Everything is pretty much just simple and colorful. please credit if you want to use <3
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    [Ch5] Kohn Teun (Exact - Scenario)

    I finally caught up! Yay. I'm so obsessed with Guy and View. Guy is such a charmer :) I can't wait to see the next episode. View is gonna be so mad at him..... These two have great chemistry! It has been a while since I've been addicted to a Ch5 lakorn.
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    [Ch8] Thong Prakai Sad (RS)

    I can't wait to see thissss. Pinky, Oil, Fluke, Tack....ahhh. Putting her issues aside I must say I've really miss her acting.
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    [Ch7] Por Ta Bpuen Toh (Bangkok Audio)

    Oh I so hope its true! I would love to see Cheer and Oil!
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    [Ch5] Koo Kum (Exact)

    Wow wow wow. Barry! I'm just shocked this is gonna be remade already. I don't mind Barry tho.
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    Trailer Coming Soon! Vampire Amber: "How can I describe myself when I can't even see my own reflection?" As a full blooded vampire she comes from a royal family. Her life, including love has already been determined before she was even born.Her personality is hot tempered and cold. She considers...
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    Darb 7 See Manee 7 Sang (Coming Soon)

    Argh I've become speechless after watching episode 4. There's too much animation, the acting is o k, i just lost interest in the main couple because they've already became intimate the same day they met? am i right? :scratchchin: Nang ek is really cute tho :blush: I can't wait till Yam...
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    C U P I D ' S ♥ GAME: Ch.3 P6

    Chapter 3: Remember Me (Part 6) He looks at her confusingly. “What do you mean? Who are you talking about?” She smiles, “Oh you know, that beautiful actress named Eurm Dao.” He was still confused but didn’t say anything.” Fah pauses and notices that he doesn’t understand what she was referring...
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    C U P I D ' S ♥ GAME: Ch.3 P6

    Chapter 3: Remember Me (Part 5) Din was just laying there. Tae Hyun popped up from the bench and looked over at her. He noticed she was unconscious. Maybe Din was faking it just for attention. Tae Hyun went over and kicked him. “Get up! Don’t try and fake this. When I told you to leave I...
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    We BELONG T o g e t h e r <3

    "Sometimes WISHES do come t r u e..."
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    Tum-Ruard Lhek (Colosium)

    It's called อุบัติรัก เกาะสวรรค์ Ubat Ruk Gror Sawan She will be taking on the role as Praewa with Pai (Bangkok Audio Vision). This is him
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    Tum-Ruard Lhek (Colosium)

    I love their scenes together. I think Golf's name used to be Puttichai. My first lakorn I saw him in was Sai Lo Hid with Kob Primlorat. I think they used to date. But this was CH3's version aside from Kob and Num's version. He was also in Plai Tien with Tata Young. Grace has another lakorn...
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    [CH3] Ruk Mai Mee Wun Tay (Polyplus)

    Dome and Chomp???! Yeyeye. I can't wait for this to air and everything else coming out in 2011. Ploy and Dome = HOT
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    [Ch7] Ngao Gammathep (Kantana)

    I feel bad for Mai especially with what Weir is doing. their scenes together is so kute haha. "I think I'm crazy. I think I like the same gender". HAHA.
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    Koo Duerd (TV Scene)

    I really do hope things start to get good for everyone soon. It's heartbreaking to see it all in a mess like this. I feel for Kao and Dum. I want to see the day where they can laugh together!
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    Mong Kud Dork Som (Broadcast Thai Televison)

    Damn that scene with him in bed with Kaew is just bad. He wanted her to do "something" to him. It's the wife's duty to please the husband. Arghh I don't like him at all.