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    RULES: 1] NO SPAMMING. 2] feel free to spread my links to keep them alive, however PLEASE remember to credit!! 3] i'll only upload onto one server unless requested (or if i feel like it). 4] to request a different server PM me!! THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW.... all my album uploads are either rar or...
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    ~BabyVOX Re.V~

    ~BABY VOX Re.V~ Profile Ahn Jin Kyeong Role In Group: Lead Vocal Birthday: March 20th, 1983 Height: 168cm (5 feet, 4.5 inches) Weight: 48kg (105 pounds) Blood Type: O Family: Parents and older sister Education: DanKook University; acting; is still attending Hobbies: Cooking, making...
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    [DISCUSS] MUSIC = self-confidence

    "Music can effect ones self-confidence." wah do u think of this statement? express how u feel about it. do u agree/disagree?
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    ***Super Junior***

    goodness i need to update this thread sometime x.x *put in to-do-list* credits: The Korea Times//chaotic-peace @ devotion//Junni @ devotion *all uploads are in megaupload* Musics: Twins [Knock Out] You Are The One Show Me Your Love [Single Album][duet w/ DBSK] Music Videos: Twins [Knock...
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    SE7EN vs RAIN

    i don't know i like both... but i choose 7! ^^
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    bird flu

    anybody worried about the bird flu?? so far it have hit asia, europe, and may be hitting africa. it's believe that after that it's going to south american then NORTH AMERICA!
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    a qestion!

    okay this is stupid but i've never had a verizon phone before so i'm confuse on how to download ringtone from my computer onto the phone. in fact, to the tell the truth it's my first cell. :sweat: i know i suck to have a phone just now, but that's life for me. so if anyone know, please help me...
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    a little report i have to do on about life for one of my class. here are the two questions. how do you feel about your life?? do you think it’s satisfactory or do you hate it?! me... i think my life is satisfactory. not above, not below. though i do hate myself and life at most point...
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    Losing posts again??

    are we?? :( or is it just me?? cuz i could have swore i've posted a lot two or so days ago....
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    a little help here plz!

    didn't know where to post this so i'll just post it here. i was wondering if any of you guys know any good thai drama? i'm not into thai drama but lately my cousins been describing all these drama that sound kinda interesting. so i any of ya know any good ones. oh yeah and any one know any site...
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    ...:official thread for DBSK:.. talk/post anything related to Dong Bang Shin Ki here... Profile: Xiah :wub: Real Name: Kim JunSu Stage Name: XIAH Position: Vocal D.O.B: December 15, 1986 Birthplace: Kyung Ki Do (Province) Height & Weight: 178cm 63kg Blood Type: B Hobbies: piano, soccer...
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    Jang WooHyuk

    ok for all of you who know woohyuk or are fans of his i'm sure you really can't wait for his new album to come out. however for those of you who don't know who he is he's an ex HOT member and an ex JTL member. well for those of you who know who he is take a look at the picture below... our...