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  1. Raiya

    Bie Sukrit & Paula Taylor

    Bie and Paula Taylor: July Issue for Sudsapda Credit to Magazinedee
  2. Raiya

    Short Stories Featuring the JLR sisters

    Hello my JLR promised I wanted to start a new topic for short stories featuring our beautiful JLR sisters. I know that Chenada might contribute as well. Just leave us a note and we can see what we can might just have a story about you and your man LOL! So far here's my...
  3. Raiya

    A New Beginning (JLR Cont.) :: Aum/Aff

    Thanks to fun4fun, sarN, Ceci and Chenling for inspiring me to write this...also a big shout out to Chen, my lil GP, and Ami for their support!!! I started this story in fun4fun's thread, but I'm changing it a bit for those who are reading it for the first time... Last but not least, this is...