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  1. Thookatha

    Fake Phoenixes

    So, i started watching this on YouTube, and didn’t realize it wasnt fully subbed!!! there are like 3 different seasons. Season 1 is subbed but after that, i cant find it anywhere...anyone know of any sites where i might be able to find this series fully subbed???? Itz just getting freaking...
  2. Thookatha

    Instrumental Pleng Ruk Jaak Chun as sung by beau sunita (padiwarada)

    someone plzzzz figure a way to get the instrumental of the padiwarada ost pleng ruk jaak chun for me!!! Beau sunita sings it but now thookatha wants to sing it!! Lol. Help! I love u!!
  3. Thookatha

    Free/cheap website to watch chinese movies and drama/series??

    Any suggestions as to where i can have access to chinese movies and of it?? Just trying to figure out the cheapest way to enjoy my stuff...I have roku too...and it doesnt have to be dubbed or anything like that... Mainly looking for websites but feel free to throw ANY...
  4. Thookatha

    [Ch.8] Sapai Rot Sap (?)

    Didn't see a thread for this lakorn yet so i decided to start one, because it is worth me starting a thread for so far. I think itz hilarious. Lol. And actually, i only accidentally started watching this bc i clicked on the wrong lakorn link. While multitasking and leaving it playing, i found...
  5. Thookatha

    RIP Por

    so, i was randomly watching thai entainment videos and saw that p'por is in the hospital stated as being in critical condition. apparently, he contracted dengue fever which occurs through mosquito bites. p'por is an advocate for animal rights/protection. this apparently happened while he was...
  6. Thookatha

    [CH7] Koo Prab Chabab Hua Jai (DaraVDO)

    Um, i am actually enjoying this lakorn so far, but there's no thread for it. not sure what the summary is. just know that thanwa and green are really awesome in here. i guess thatz it. lol
  7. Thookatha

    Asianfusers and celebrity relatives

    so, just wondering if we have any asianfusers who have relatives or association to celebrities in the thai entertainment industry? just curious...willing to share?
  8. Thookatha

    koo toranong

    first and foremost, sorry for creating this thread just to ask this. so basically, i miss koo toranong (with khem rujira and bandit sakaow...however u spell it), and cannot find my copy anywhere, nor can i find any uploads online. does anyone know where i can watch this?? i am aching to...
  9. Thookatha

    [Ch8] Mia Tuean (Deemak)

    so, i dont know if i created this thread correctly or not (my first time) but the lakorn is on episode 3 and no one has a thread going for this yet. anyhow, the lakorn is getting really hot. this is my kind of plot!! slap kiss heaven!!! lol. someone please pin this thread...or am i able to do...
  10. Thookatha

    janie physical abused and sanaeha sanya kaen

    so, i just now found out about janie t's divorce, and was thoroughly shocked at how quickly it ended!! i know i am behind on the news. ha anyways, in reading about her, it was mentioned that physical abuse played a part in causing their troubles. basically, the guy beat her. and u know...
  11. Thookatha

    Kaaw Nam Karng คาวน้ำค้าง

    Does anyone know the summary of this lakorn (in english)? What kind of lakorn is this? Drama, revenge, etc...? Joe Ninnart Sinchai is in it...i know that much. Please help. Thanks in advance!! go here for a pic of the lakorn cover....
  12. Thookatha

    Please Help...RIP Kenny "Kace" Khammanivong

    hi everyone... this past friday, my little cousin, kenny, passed away in a car accident...just barely 18 years old. hez lived a hard life and was just getting on the right path... ...but then this happened and we have just been left in utter shock and despair... ...on top of that...just three...
  13. Thookatha

    peter corp dyrendal getting married...expecting baby!!!!

    my husband, peter corp dyrendal, and i are going to have to divorce bc he plans to marry another woman on october 5th....AND they are expecting a child!! someone just kill me. wahhhhhh!!!!! for yourself!!!! ahhhhhhhhh!!!
  14. Thookatha

    Need Albums...Sode Mai Dai Tung Jai & Jao Ying Lum Sing

    hey ya'll, sorry that im posting this in this section, but the music request section is not as active anymore or does anyone have the following ALBUMS... sode mai dai tung jai (by sirilak pongchoke)? and Jao ying lum sing (various songs from lakorn)? my mom REEEEALLY wants...
  15. Thookatha

    Problem with "Guess That Lakorn Game" thread in Thai Section

    Okay, so i didn't know where to post this, so I'm just going to do this here. Basically, I started a thread in the Thai Section called "Guess That Lakorn Game", and right now there seems to be a problem with the thread. When I click on it, a page pops up & it says that someone posted something...
  16. Thookatha

    Guess This Lakorn Game!

    so, i thought it would be fun to start a thread where u try to guess lakorns based on clues provided. anyone can respond with a clue or a guess. the only thing is that it might get confusing, so whichever one u respond to, make sure u are quoting the person u are responding to. i will provide...
  17. Thookatha

    Me and Matthew Mccaugnahey

    Look who I met? He's a new partner with my company. lol And if you're wondering, yes I did gain weight!!! Here's a pic of his woman. I was talking to her down in the hotel bar...took a pic of her when she turned to talk to someone else for a minute. LOL Btw, I already posted this in the...
  18. Thookatha

    Tax Software

    Hi there, I didn't file my 2007 taxes, and have recently realized that. I should probably take care of that. However, I don't want to pay someone a million dollars to do it for me, because they want to charge this and that to go back. I didn't make that much money that year since I was only...
  19. Thookatha

    China's Got Talent

    Watch the video of this guy...what inspiration and talent... just truly heart-warming and powerful... Post your own personal favorites. :rolleyes: His original audition...
  20. Thookatha

    Thailand's Got Talent

    hahaha I didn't know there was a Thailand's Got Talent! I stumbled upon it on youtube. this is the first that i saw...O-M-G... Post your favorite! Now that I know it exist, I will be looking up at as many as i can find! Edit: Watch this...