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    Need help with Thai grammar

    I'm looking for some good Thai grammar books. I can read and understand Thai but I apparently have issues with grammar. <_<
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    Intercultural wedding

    This is just a hypothetical question. I'm not getting married or anything. I have no plans to for a while. But I got back from an intercultural wedding and it got me wondering how certain weddings will turn out. The wedding I went to was for my boyfriend's cousin. They're Chinese but the groom...
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    Legion I LOVE warrior angels! Lovin' Gabriel (I'd like to touch his wings ;) ) but slightly disappointed on their choice for Michael. He's not nearly as hot as I'd hope.
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    My trailer

    Sorry, I wasn't sure which thread to place this if it needs to be move please do so. Anyway, the shout out thread reminded me that I didn't share my video with you guys. Karen Marie Moning's (my fav. author) publishing company had a contest for the readers. The contest was to create a book...
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    Need to!

    To sum up the beginning I'm moving to OK in a couple of weeks. I use to live alone in Houston and saw my boyfriend every single day. Then when I moved back home to Austin (my parents begged me too and the economy went to hell, and well I didn't have a job) and my boyfriend moved to San Antonio...
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    Need some geek help here

    I'm working on a project (for a prize) that's due by Friday and I'm having the damnedest time trying to find blood dripping effects/transition. I'm not using it for text, so I'm guessing it's more of a transition for an image/video clip I'll be using. I'm looking for something that I can...
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    Alisa Wattanapichitcha

    Who's that? It has to be someone from Sarnworld because I don't know any Lao/Thai person from anywhere else. I got a few e-mails from this person sending me photos but I didn't open the e-mail. I didn't recognize the name so I wasn't sure if it was safe to open. Looks like I wasn't the only one...
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    For those looking to make some money online

    Here are a few sites that I use if you don't mind writing. You can't rich off of it but you definitely get paid for your work unless your a very bad writer and they reject your reviews and articles. That I can't help you with, it's a personal thing. Associated Content I've been with them for...
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    Question about an actor

    Can anyone tell me the actor's name in this? The guy with the old Thai outfit on and heavy on the bronzer. picture
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    Need help finding a photo that was on TGN thai tv

    I think it's TGN, it's one of those Thai channels that you get through satellite. My dad saw something on the news I think it was yesterday about a lady that's part snake or something. I didn't see it but my dad wants me to find it because my mom wants to see it. My dad said the lady's bottom...
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    Duck eggs

    What does it taste like to you? I've only ever eaten the ones with the little duckies in them. Not too fond of the baby ducks in there, kinda freaky but I tried it. It taste almost like a grown duck but not as dry. I really just like the yolk. I know it's super fattening but it's so much better...
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    True Blood

    The second season starts tomorrow, woohoo! I don't have HBO but I watch it online. I've heard people talking about it but didn't think to watch it until a few nights ago. Can't believe I went this long without watching this show!
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    Vampire Diaries

    It'll be on the CW network, premiering in the Fall I think. From the trailer it looks good. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out. It does look a little like Twilight from some of the previews but before anyone thinks that it's a rip off of Twilight let me assure you that it's not...
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    Quick question

    This has been driving me nuts for years. I've gone by my middle name since I was born but when people find out what my first name is they ask me what it means. I don't know what to tell them except that it has to do with the moon. My brother's first name means moon light, he gets the easy one...
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    I just found out that they're poisonous. Had to google to making sure it was true and it is. They're definitely poisonous. So yeah, wash your hands after touching them, and don't go licking or chewing on it. :P It's the sap that's poisonous. ETA: Apparently only their stems and leaves are...
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    X-Men Origin: Wolverine

    AWESOME but I'm pissed because I didn't realize there would be a secret ending after that credits so I didn't stick around. I always find out after I get home from the movies. <_< LOVE Ryan Reynolds, except towards the end with the crazy face. Hugh Jackman was H.O.T.
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    Some strange questions

    Sorta got what I needed. Thanks.
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    Makeup advice and chatter

    Okay we need a beauty and fashion section. Anyway, I just saw the pictures from my friend's bachelorette party. It was a blast but the pictures of me were a tad depressing. Don't get me wrong I think I'm a fairly attractive woman and I like my shape. I'm a size 3 with curves (yes, I got the...
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    Need help with Thai language

    Sorta. I need some book recommendations. I bought Easy Thai like someone here recommended to learn to read Thai, now I need a workbook or a reading book that has English translation to practice my reading. I tried taking a Thai Language test earlier this month and came short from passing in the...
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    Dog search

    Since I'm moving back to Austin and my parents are moving to OK sometime this year, probably the summer, I'm looking for a dog. I've been wanting a dog for a while but now I'll have plenty of room for one. YESSSS...I plan on getting my dog at a shelter. I've thought about it for years, so NO...