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    The RANDOMNESS Thread

    Forum hasn't been getting much action lately. Came across this video on Youtube. ADORABLE! Both the kid and his dad. His Thai/Lao is really good, that just makes him all that much sexier. Dad and son in Thailand.
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    can't seem to change my photo. boo...

    can't seem to change my photo. boo...
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    can't seem to change my photo. boo...

    can't seem to change my photo. boo...
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    Over Religious Idiots.

    You tell her Tina! Urgh, I get so irritated by idiots like that too. I've learned long ago it's best to end the conversation as soon as possible as soon as I figure out what kind of a person they are. Trying to reason with someone like that is a waste of breath and energy, it's like talking to a...
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    What are you addicted to?

    Currently... -Alice in Wonderland stuff -OPI nail polish -Urban Decay makeup (except for their Skyscrapper mascara, not really a fan of that) - writing - Twitter (AlexisVBeauty if you want to add) - Facebook ( I'm addicted to the apps. (farmville, sorority...
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    CNN: Bangkok Blythe doll craze

    Creepy. And hell no. If my boyfriend got me a Blythe doll I would think he was trying to tick me off. I hate dolls in generally (creepy bastards), but those are especially creepy. And really? "I think they're smarter than other dolls..." It's a doll! They don't have brains. They're not alive...
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    Thanks Emilie for the bday wish!

    Thanks Emilie for the bday wish!
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    15 Year Old Girl Gang Raped While People Stood By

    It's disgusting. Those bystanders are as guilty as the rapists, they should be punished just as severely too. God, I hope if the world ends those SOBs are the first to go and I hope it's in the most horrible way imaginable, just so they know what that poor girl had to go through.
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    Need help with Thai grammar

    I'm looking for some good Thai grammar books. I can read and understand Thai but I apparently have issues with grammar. <_<
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    Teeth Issues

    Will her healthy insurance include dental coverage? Because many people assume health includes dental when it doesn't usually. If she's getting coverage in Jan. or Feb. I'm sure she can wait until then if there's no pain but I'd suggest she cut down on the soda until then. Coffee, like tea just...
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    help on question

    I wouldn't risk it. 1/3 of a book is still too much. If there's an excerpt on the author's site or Amazon why not just post up a link instead? I'm a member of a book forum for my favorite author. She stops by when she can but her assistant is there all the time usually, and they've talked about...
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    Why do highschool girl's like dating older men

    It's inappropriate at the high school level if they're underage. Underage means they're not legally adults yet, which really has nothing to do with their mentality, it's just the law. Five years older is nothing really once you've reached 18. In fact it's pretty normal. A ten year difference is...
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    Intercultural wedding

    I went to one over the weekend. My uncle finally married his girlfriend of over ten years. I was starting to wonder if they'd ever get married. They were already living together. Anyway, she's Viet, the Catholic kind so that was interesting. My best friend is Viet and Catholic and her ceremony...
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    White Skin

    Never tried it. I'd be careful about using whitening products on your skin though. Make sure it's safe by US standards.
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    There are very few legit places to buy Mac products for a discounted price. I wouldn't trust most of them, if it's too good to be true it probably is. You'll end up with a knock off. It's all preference. Not all expensive brands are good. Sometimes the quality is about the same as drug store...
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    Do you have a sibling? Do your parents treat you differently?

    I think all parents treat their kids different because no one is alike and it requires different parenting skills. Sometimes parents just switch their techniques with each child, learning from mistakes I guess. I'm the eldest of three and have two younger brothers. I get treated differently...
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    Why do highschool girl's like dating older men

    Yeah, I don't know about other countries but in the states that's illegal. Well, maybe not the strictly dating part but I think it becomes illegal when the man starts getting intimate with the minor. Tsk Tsk. I've seen it since Jr. High and I find it just as disturbing now as back then. I...
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    a little piss

    That's why I always check my bag before I drive off.
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    coffee slim

    What people forget is that these drinks are suppose to "aid" not "make" you lose weight. There's a system to it. You're suppose to replace one of your meals or two with whatever it is your drinking but you also have to eat better and exercise too. I've used Slim Fast and it worked for me. I...