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    LG Shine VS. Sony Ericsson - W760a

    My parents are going to get me a new cellphone for my birthday, but I am stuck between the LG Shine and the Sony Ericcson. I have been wanting the LG Shine ever since it came out, but the Sony Ericcson is also very pretty and has a lot of cool features to it. Honestly, I am leaning towards the...
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    Studying abroad in China...

    I applied and got accepted into a study abroad program through my university. If I will be going to China and attending Sichuan University for 2 quarters, Fall 2009 and Winter 2010. Well, my parents, or my mom, is completely against me going, but she says that if that is something that I really...
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    A favor to ask...

    I know that this is not the media section, but I did not want to post the video there. Anyways, one of my cousins made a slide show of my brother/cousin's funeral. He used a song that I really liked, but the song is cut off towards the end so he does not have the whole song to send to me. I was...
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    Please help me read this...

    ผมรัก ______ คนเดียวและจะรักตะหลอดไป Thanks in advance!
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    A General Question About Ripping DVDs

    This is a stupid question, but is there anyway that you can find out if a DVD has been backed up? For example, if you rent a movie from a movie store, will the know they you backed-up/made a copy of that video? I am curious...
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    Help with my laptop :(

    I noticed that my touchpad is not working right. Okay, everything seems to be working correctly, but when you use it to click on something or to double click something, it does not respond at all! I have been searching for a solution on google and yahoo but none of them are helping me. Please...
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    Okay, it is mean to laugh about this, but I just find it so funny. I watched it yesterday night, and I could not stop laughing. I am watching it right now, and I still cannot stop laughing! HAHAHA!
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    Has anyone seen this video? I am very ashamed to admit that I do not keep up with what is happening to my people back in Thailand/Laos because I am so busy with school, but I found a clip that was very heart-breaking. I may be a year or two late on this, but still, my heart is so...
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    Okay, I just cannot help, but share this with everyone. LOL ^^ Today, my friends and I went to go eat at a Thai restaurant close to campus. Anyways, we have known that this place has terrible customer service, but we like the food. Well, today, we went to this Thai restaurant, and the food...
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    Sia Ode?

    I was at reading about the actor New and Sia Ode or whatever. I only read the on-going news, so I am not sure what the deal with that is, but I am so curious to understand. I might be late on the news... but help me out if you can. Thanks =)
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    Help with subtitles

    For Korean dramas, most of their subtitles are soft-subbed, which means that you have to download the video without subtitles, then download the subtitles... and download a program also to see the subtitles while watching the video. I was curious about it... so it is not possible to burn each...
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    Edison Chen Scandal w/ various actresses...

    Have you guys heard or read about this? I was looking at some pictures, and I think that these pictures are definitely real. I lose a lot of respect for people when they do this, especially Cecilia Cheung. I really liked her, but I am not too fond of her anymore. I loved Edison Chen for his...
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    Shanghai Bund

    Oh my goodness! I am watching the MVs to this series, and I am going to go crazy for it. Does anybody have this series with English subtitles! It is driving me crazy! If you have it, I am willing to buy it from you! Please reply =)
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    Help with a song I am aware that there are many versions of this song, but does anybody know the name of this song in Thai? Also, if there is a certain Thai singer who you know sings this song, please tell me. Thanks in advance!
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    So, today my parents and my uncle and auntie who are also my parents, took me to my dorm in the next city. I am so sad and loney. I was crying my heart out when my parents walked away through the hall. It is so sad. I feel so lonely, and that I have nobody. This city is way too big. Sad =( I...
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    Really need help!

    Okay, I know this is bad, but... Anyways, there is a site called ... You can listen to a bunch of music on there, but you cannot download them. I was wondering if there is a program or a way that you can DL the songs... If you can help, that would be great. Thanks in advance!
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    Maiv Muas

    Like, I heard her songs way back then, but I cannot seem to find her songs at all. I can only listen to them at ehmongmusic... but I totally want her songs on my iPod. Does anybody have her songs? It is so hard to find her songs... please help me out please! I am very desperate! Thanks in advance!
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    Help with recording songs from MV or other kind of Video

    Sorry, I am not sure, but is there a way that you can record music from a music video. For example, you have the music video, but it is impossible to find the song, but you would like to record the song from the music video. That is possible right? Does anyone have such a program? Sorry if I...
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    Pleng Ruk Rim Farng Khorng

    I really want to buy Pleng Ruk Rim Farng Khorng. I could just download them, but I rather not. Plus I like to watch it with my parents because they can translate it for me. Does anyone have it and is willing to sell it to me for a reasonable price? I do mind if it is a burnt version, as long as...