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    Tickets to Thai shows & events in Thailand

    does anyone know how to obtain tickets to thai shows or concert events in thailand? shows like i can see your voice, mask singer, etc. i know about thaiticketmajor, but i wanted to know of other ticketing sites in thailand.
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    Thinking about singing this song at a competition...
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    Good Night Tus Kuv Hlub

    I'm pretty sure we all know this song and that we love this song to death. i decided to cover it. lemme know what y'all think!
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    Txuj Hmoo

    Sorry for another topic post about covers, but I wanted to share this cover with you all. This song has been very popular, but I didn't start liking it until recently and I wanted to cover it in hmoob leeg since i always sing in hmoob dlawb when i'm actually hmoob leeg. Let me know what you...
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    Pagnia Xiong - Cia Rau Txoj Hmoo Cover

    I recorded myself singing Pagnia Xiong's song Cia Rau Txoj Hmoo. Give me some critiques if you can. i had to sing it an octave lower than it originally was to match the instrumental.
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    Hmong Actors/Singers/Celebs in Thailand?

    do yall happen to know if the hmong celebs live in thailand or in laos? and if thailand, where in thailand???
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    Enemies of the People

    Have you all seen this documentary? It's about the Khmer Rouge. I saw it at UCLA and I've been looking around to get myself a copy of it. If you all know where i can get it, then plz let me know.
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    What's this Khmer Song???

    whats the title of the bg song that plays? and where can i find it? i love it so much!
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    PC inKorporated 1st Album Demo

    has anyone checked out their album demo yet? i saw it posted on myspace.
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    Best Movie of the Year! Saddest Movie of the year! best new singer!

    what i hate the most is when hmong people put these titles onto their movies or albums. it's like WTF?! how did u even get the title?? we dont have grammys or any award who said that your movie or singer was the best?? i just think thats dumb when people do that. how about yall?
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    Luk Thi Guk Ling

    is that the boran name? or is it luk thi gu gling? but where can i see the original in thai?
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    Aof - Joot On Kong Chan COVER

    i dont remember if it was joot on kong chan or hua jai kong tur that someone asked me to do....but ne ways, heres a cover of my favorite song from aof from my fav lakorn sawan bieng. it's not the best tho because i dont think i'll ever top aof. he's a great singer and i love his vocals. JOOT...
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    Avatar The Last Airbender

    i just saw the trailer for Avatar the Last Airbender and it looks AWESOME!!!!! i love AVATAR!!!!! best anime ever! besides deathnote. i dont really kno who the cast is, but i know theyre not gonna be that great. but still... it's AVATAR!!!
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    wan lady killers

    ok, so i watched hormones and i hella loved the song WAA LAEW! but i have no idea who wan lady killers is? who's the singer? i saw the mv on youtube, and the guy that it showed who was singing it was that kid in hormones..... but i dont think he's the real singer...who's the real singer...
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    D2B - Partiharn Krung Sood Tai

    i love this song to death! this is the first d2b song that made me love their music! well, i attempted this song, and here are the results. my thai isn't the best, so.....yea..haha bear with me. plz give me some feedback. i LOVE thai music, so i would not want to kill any of their
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    Thai Music Industry

    u kno what? i just thought about this... is there a thai music industry in america? or is it only in thailand? and for those who want to be part of the thai music industry, would that mean they would have to live in thailand to be able to be part of it? im curious, cuz i love singing and i...
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    Need Help! Pics of Hmong People In France and Australia

    i need pics of hmong people in France and Australia. do u guys kno where i can find some, or have ne? i need it asap for a Hmong Exhibition that I'm working on.
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    I heard of this documentary through a Lao friend in college. I heard it was a very very very good documentary focusing on a Lao family. It was screened at my college, but I missed my chance to go see it. I would love to get me a copy of it whenever it gets a chance to come out tho. have ne of u...
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    Ngao Asoke - Saeng Lae Ngao

    lol. ok, so i found it. if u wanna still listen to it, here's the link: Ngao Asoke - Saeng Lae Ngao acapella lol. once again, my thai isnt that good yet. but i plan to get better.
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    Oh Jai Oey

    hey this mite be in the wrong section, but i love this song from BADARN JAI with AUM N MARGIE! can u guys tell me what u think? my thai isnt that so hopefully i didnt kill it. OH JAI OEY by me....