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    [MBC] I Miss You

    Starring Park Yoo Chun and Yoon Eun Hye So far with two episodes, it's pretty good!
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    [MBC] May Queen

    Kim Jae Won Han Ji Hye Jae Hee Started airing 08/18/2012 Sat and Sun 32 Episodes A success story drama about characters related to ships Credited Hancinema More info at viki, I'm using an iPhone and it's difficult for me to copy and paste. I watched...
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    Thai Women Traditional Clothing

    Is there anyone in this forum that lives in Thailand and knows where the below outfits could be bought and roughly how much it will cost? I found a few sites online selling Thai traditional clothing but they don't have these outfits. I want the exact outfits above; same materials and so...
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    My Posters

    Just wanna share. Pong and Bee - NTeam I was gonna make this for the cd cover battle but didn't have time to finish it. Older Posters. Won Bin and Kim Hee Sun Andrew and Kob
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    Into the Storm

    Two brothers fight for one woman! Director Yoo Chul-yong, script writer Choi Wan-gyu and cinematographer Lee Jong-nyung, the production team of the popular Korean TV series All In does it again. They have teamed-up once more to offer you Into The Storm the tale of the two very different...
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    Autumn Shower i bought part one of the hmong translated version yesterday...after finished watching it...i really liked i did some searching on the net and i got a chance to read the brief summaries on all 16 episodes...from the sums...the ending...