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  1. teeRuk

    Better in time....[i hope]

  2. teeRuk

    Happy Songkran 08!!!

    Hey everyone..haven't been on here lately...just stopping by to wish everyone on here a "Happy Songkran 08"..Happy Thai/Laos/Cambodian New Year to everyone!! Wish you guys nothing but the best in kaw hai rouy rouy ROUY!!!!!!!!!!!! haha I so can't wait for the Thai Festival in...
  3. teeRuk

    New Year Resolution 2008

    Yep...its just around the time flies by so fast...07 was one of my craziest years..some good..some bad..i learn alot of things throughout the year..share moments with my love thing that really made my year was being with my love on Valentine's Day=] Losing a family member...
  4. teeRuk

    Wish List

    Well I know that its not even close to Christmas yet...but hey..everyone has a wish list for xmas..i love christmas...time to share with family & love ones..opening up gifts or just even get a special hug from the people that you love & care about. as for me..i seriously dont really know what i...
  5. teeRuk

    Happy Thanksgiving/Turkey Day=]

    well Thanksgiving is just a day away..and i just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy thanksgiving.usually this is the day where everyone gives thanks to people or things..etc.For me..what am i thankful for??? I'm truly thankful for my family..without them (my parents) i wouldnt be here...
  6. teeRuk

    Forever be remember..

    Well i never thought i would say this (well not this soon)...but my youngest auntie passed away on thursday oct.18 2007 in the evening due to liver cancer=[ Her daugther sandyc (a member on here) and i are very close to each other.she called me up thursday morning telling me that her mom was in...
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    Aaliyah..One in a million Princess

    Well today marks the 6th years that Aaliyah has passed away.Me..being one of her fans just wanted to share this special poem that her brother wrote in remembrance of her.I'm a member of Aaliyah.Com and every year..we would get newsletters from her site.Every 25th of August since her death..I...
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    i've been having problems with this site..i cant seem to get on to it..I was wondering if anyone is having the same problem like me?? Is the site down?? cos if it is..then this suck cos i did not become a VIP member and next thing you know..the page doesnt wanna load up for me=[ Help anyone...
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    Board Setting

    i don't know where to post this so i'll do it here.i've been trying to set up the board to the correct time zone that im at but its just making me go keeps setting it to the wrong time & date..someone help me fix this..thanks=]
  10. teeRuk

    Happy Songkran 2007

    I wanted to wish everyone a "Happy Songkran 07" I wont be celebrating it as much like how I usually do..thats cos I'm currently out of town=]...if only I was in SoCal=] I wanna wish everyone "Love..Wealth...& most importantly..Health" throughout the year & many more years to come=] I <3 you...
  11. teeRuk

    Anna Nicole Smith dies!!!

    I just found this on msn shocking yet sad..i mean i dont like hearing people die and this & that..just pretty sad=[ Anna Nicole Smith Collapses, Dies at 39 Feb 8, 6:14 PM EST HOLLYWOOD, Fla. -- Anna Nicole Smith, the pneumatic blonde whose life played out as an extraordinary...
  12. teeRuk

    The Langauge of Roses

    well since Valentine's Day is coming up..and im sure there's guys or gals out there who might think of getting their love ones flowers and stuff..i found this and i thought it would be nice to share it with ya'll...hehe & oh yeah..a "HAPPY EARLY VALENTINE'S DAY" from me<3 Red Says Romance The...
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    3 word game

    well here's a new game..its quite simple..all you do is just reply by adding 3 words after the person above you..kinda like making a story..hehe Today I woke..
  14. teeRuk

    Alphabet Game'07

    yes yes..trying to find a "legal" way to earn sure everyone knows how to play this game..just make a word using the first letter of the alphabet...etc...enjoy=] A-awesome
  15. teeRuk

    Person above you...

    well i decided to bring this game back...maybe to earn some more kidding..hehe.i'm sure everyone knows the game.all you do is just reply about the person that is above you..hehe (let's see who will post after me)
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    **New Year Resolution 2007**

    well its almost the end of the year..anyone has a new year resolution? new year resolutions are... To be even stronger in life live a healthy & happy life with the one that i love (my soot tee ruk) & the one loves me =] (they know who they need to mention names) be there...
  17. teeRuk

    HappIe BirThDay BiG D2B

    today is big's d2b 24th birthday.just wanted to wish him the very best birthday ever.hope that he's doing better and healing.we are waiting for his return to us.miss him so much.he's never forgotten and will always be remember in our heart...especially mine. miss you mak na jaa Big..kaw hai wai...