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    [Movie] Painted Skin i was looking at some upcoming chinese movies and came upon this movie "painted skin" which stars donnie yen, vicki zhao wei, chen kun, and zhou xun and it looks very interesting...a thriller like romance i think??? lol...anyways, i'm looking forward to the 26th of this month which is...
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    help! ipod

    i have an ipod seems to have stopped working completely...can't get it to turn on or anything like that...any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! :D thanks
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    Sarang, Chun Rak Tur

    Ok! Since I've been seeing everyone writing their own story...I thought I'd write one myself. I've always wanted to write a novel of my own one day, so maybe this will be a start...It's actually fun, just writing and imagining things...seriously, I can imagine a series going on in my head as I...
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    Hi!!! So, I'm almost out of school and what is more fun than to start something new that keeps me busy. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to teach me some sentences in Thai. LOL. Teach me how to speak Thai, basically. It would be so great if I can learn some phrases so I can pick...