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  1. sueliq

    need help

    I use xilisoft dvd ripper. I have always gotten good results with it, without changing quality hope that helps. =)
  2. sueliq

    hard subbing???

    Thanks cecilia for the info. but i found a program to let me hardsub videos.. i just used vobsub and virtual dub. again, thanks a lot :)
  3. sueliq

    hard subbing???

    Okay.. here's the thing. I wanna know if I am able to burn an avi file with soft subs? Or do I need to hardsub it first before burning onto a disc. If I need to hardsub it, what program would be good. Plz help. thnks in advance.
  4. sueliq

    Khmer 2pc dress for sale

    yeah me too.. i am wondering if its gonna be like asian sizes, where a size Large is actually a Small. and then when your looking for a large, they give you a size 2 or 3 x. Making it look like your a fat @$$. hahaha no lie, thats why when i used to wear the traditional clothes, i had to have...
  5. sueliq

    how do you convert songs

    yeah you should definitely get a dvd ripper.. i use xilisoft dvd ripper. the quality is real good. after you rip it I just go back and rename the files to match the titles.. its a lot of work, but i don't know how to get around that unless you don't care that it will name it by default track...
  6. sueliq

    Sane Ranut

    I like him, I became a stalker for a night when he came to perform in Dallas. I gotta say he is much better looking in person, than in the karaoke.... and sounds better too. he is my new favorite guy, after Preap Sovath.. :P
  7. sueliq

    Microsoft Office

    works great!! thanks everybody.
  8. sueliq

    Looking for Nero 08

    could somebody send me the link to nero 9 as well.. went to but there is only the trial version. thanks in advance.
  9. sueliq


    i think they do streaming from and if you want to download.. and allows you to download anime and manga. hope that helps :)
  10. sueliq

    oohh.. i'm watching that movie now, Kaew Lom Pet. it is so good. the guy is a hottie...

    oohh.. i'm watching that movie now, Kaew Lom Pet. it is so good. the guy is a hottie...
  11. sueliq

    Help with transferring pichas/ music vdos into ipod??!!

    what kind of ipod do you have? YOu probably have to convert it to mp4 before you can transfer to make it more compatible. Then I just usually drag and drop or import it from library then sync it up! hope that helps.
  12. sueliq

    advice on Losing Actually weight?

    Wow.. there are some real good advice here.. I'm trying to lose weight for my cousin's wedding in May.. and I'm one of the bridesmaid.. ahhhhh!!! what I do is eat smaller portions.. I notice that for a typical day I only eat maybe twice a day. I don't wake up early enough to eat breakfast...
  13. sueliq

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Some tears never dry- shayne ward untouched- the veronicas beautiful- akon sorry - jonas brothers
  14. sueliq

    Weirdest Celebrity crush

    ooohh JTT, wow i wonder what he's doing now? YOu know what got me mad from CSI! I don't even know why they let Hodges become a regular.. i don't wanna see his face regularly.. they need to bring in Archie!!
  15. sueliq


    okay not to call anybody out who is waiting to have sex after marriage, but sometimes it just doesn't happen that way. i think when it happens, it just happens! You know like in lakorn, the girl could be the most respectable, and good girl, but when temptation comes she can't stop it.. so...
  16. sueliq


    Wow.. its kinda rare to find a guy that's a virgin.. I mean its everywhere, but you rarely hear it. Genkers- I commend you on your decisions, and congrats on the wedding. i'm 25 and i'm still a virgin.. i totally believe in marriage before sex, but you have to make that decision yourself...
  17. sueliq

    coming out story

    has anybody ever heard of the phrase, " I can make a gay ___ , straight!" ? I mean wouldn't that just make them bi, because they've been with both male and female. I support what iceBKK said, sometimes the love is just equal and it doesn't matter to them if they don't have one over the...
  18. sueliq

    Weirdest Celebrity crush

    yeah the princes, are cute.. i just hope as they get older they don't look like their dad.. : 0
  19. sueliq

    Weirdest Celebrity crush

    you know who's old and also really sexy?? Sean Connery.. i love his accent. << ha ha yeah archie is hot.. he is just yummy!! ** I got a toothache now, he is just eye candy**