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    [CH7] Koo Hoo (Nopporn Promotion)

    Any further information on this yet?
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    Thai ActorsActresses that resemble/alike

    I think Kawin Imanothai and Tye Nattapol look very much alike.       Kawin.......................................................................Tye
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    [Ch7] Khon La Loke (Khon Tv)

    All I can say is if it runs true to form I will definitely watch just because Cee is in it. But I won't like it :cry1:. I do like his acting.
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    [Ch7] Khon La Loke (Khon Tv)

    If the story runs true to the synopsis it makes for a good series although I hate sad endings. :teary: And Cee doing action lakorns why not. He does them very well. :thumbup:
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    Actors: 35+ and Still Looking Good

    Another actor whom I like too is Thun Thanakorn. Again he is 35 this year. I haven't seen alot of the lakorns he's in but what I have seen I like. :wink:
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    Actors: 35+ and Still Looking Good

     New Wongsakorn will be 35 this year. He looks much younger than that. What a cutie. :yes:   And then there's Kelly Rattapong Tanapat. Looking good. :wink:
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    Need to find an old Thai Lakorn

    Hi I'm looking for an old lakor and all I can remember is tje p'ek is a cop and the n'rai who loves him is the daughter of a drug's boss. To make him love her they kidnap him and get him addicted to drugs. Any ideas?