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    Do you mean those karaoke music videos? Or like the instrumentals/karaoke music for songs? If you're talking about music videos, fansubbers use Aegisub to do all those cool karaoke effects. But, you need to know the programming language lua to fully understand it how to make them.
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    I just got an email about this and I was going to share it with you all. Didn't realize that there's already a thread on it. ^^ But here's the open casting call flyer for MN people with some more information.. ^^ Hope you all make it and represent!
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    Suggestions about Singers

    I'm going to post them in the BM section, in case others want them as well so check here:
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    post picture of ur skool

    Wow, everyone's school is so high tech and very modern. I attend a very small private college so the design is a little more traditional. According to one of my professors, it reminds her of the small French village that she grew up in. Here's a picture of the whole campus that I found online. ^^
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    Suggestions about Singers

    I really like the korean girl group Black Pearl lately, especially their first single "I Can't Help Liking You." Sunny Hill is a newer group too and they've got some good songs. They remind me of the old 90's girl-boy duos like US or Cool. Hmmm... GReeeeN? I like their "Ai Uta" song lately too...
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    Apichet ''BiG'' Kittikorncharoeun

    I just read about this over at GMxLoves... I can't believe it... sad... rest in peace, P'Big. We will always remember you.
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    mn metrodome new yea

    ^If you buy tickets before the event, they're only $5. If you wait until the day of the event, the tickets will cost $7.
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    Miss Hmong California 2007-2008

    I don't ever pay attention to these pageants, but may I ask... what do the contestant get out of this? Do they only get money and the title of "Miss Hmong __________" only?
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    mn metrodome new yea

    It's $5 in advance and $7 at the door. ^^
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    mn metrodome new yea

    The Metrodome New Year is on December 29 and 30th. I'm selling tickets! Who would like to buy from me? j/k
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    Destiny Music Video

    ^Hey Bao! ;) I think it's just a collection of previous songs, cause "Just For Love" is on there. I saw their booth at the tournament, but I didn't go look at the finished product. Did anyone buy it? If so, how was it or what do you think of it? ^_^
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    ***Super Junior***

    Here's the subbed trailer for the movie! Ahahaha! Pretty boys all over the world... (more like China and Korea lol..) :wub: :wub: OMG! I love Ryeowook in this! I have a feeling that he's gonna be my favorite character! That nerd! Ahaha, he makes me...
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    ***Super Junior***

    ^Ahaha, of course I'm not like that... :rolleyes: XD Anyways, here are some pictures from SuJu's new movie... I'm too lazy to upload all the pictures myself so here is the link to the soompi thread with the pictures. soompi thread And if you're not part of soompi, but wants to see the...
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    "Stay" by Jackson Browne Listening to this song always reminds me of Windstruck...even though he changed the lyrics a bit..
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    Wonder Girls

    Haha, I'm so behind. I saw the mv a long time ago but I didn't like it. However, I just recently became a fan after watching them perform Irony. My favorite is Sun Ye, I think. I like her voice the best and for some reasons, she reminds me of Araya. ^^
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    ~BabyVOX Re.V~

    Hey, I just recently started getting these girl groups. First Wonder Girls, but now Baby VOX Re. V. I think this group is ok from their "Shee" single. The one that I don't like is the rapper. Seriously, she can't rap nor can she dance. Why is she in this group? I like Yang Eun Ji the best...
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    ***Super Junior***

    ^Whoa! Shiwon super rich?! I knew that he lived at home instead of at the dorms with the other members, but wow~~~ OK, forget the other SuJu members, Shiwon is now my goal! Shiwon baby, I'm coming~~~~!!!!! :loool: :yahoo:
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    Ahaha! Couples! I'm not really big on coupling, but if I had to choose I guess my favorite couples would be JaeChun and YooSu. I liked JaeChun from watching School of Rock. Hahaha, those two had the most chemistry in that episode. And then I liked YooSu from Star Watch. LOL, especially when...
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    I like their "Lovin You" song, especially the chorus. Jaejoong's voice is so smooth... I've been leaning towards Jaejoong nowadays. Ahaha, he's just so good looking...and just keeps getting more handsome as the days pass. Changmin too. That cute little kid is now such a handsome young man. XDD
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    ***Super Junior***

    They did play a prank on Heechul once and that was for his birthday during SJFH. They set up a fake English interview, which all the members prepared what they were going to say in English ahead of time, leaving Heechul to come up with and use the little English that he knows. They also...