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    I'm looking for this Thai drama

    I have no idea what the original title is, but the Hmong dubbed version is called "Vim Leej Twg." It's about a guy who has an affair with his wife's friend and the other woman has his child. The wife finds out and they split, but they already have two kids. Later his GF leaves him and takes...
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    What albums/vids did you get?

    What albums did ya'll get? Did Mab Sua Lis have a new album out? I know Tub Yaj had one, but I didn't get it...I'm listening to it streaming and it's all right, I like a few songs. But I wish he wouldn't do soundtracks all the time. What other albums came out? anything good/bad?
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    Herlinda Vang is suing

    Herlinda Vang is suing Link Pictures(I think--whoever made Nom Phaj Txoj Kev Lim Hiam) for slander. Freaking much drama these days...
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    Hmong Music Awards

    I forget who started the other topic, but I thought I'd do a similar one for music...from New Year 2005-present NO can add your opinion on why you think the person should get it, but that's ok, we all have our own opinions. BEST POP/HMOOB MESKAS ALBUM BEST HMONG MESKAS NON-POP...