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    Mah Ju Ra Ting Tong

    I am looking for two old lakorns. One of them is called Mah Ju Ra Ting Tong starring Rung and Tik Kanyarat. This was a comedy that had all the big stars guest star in it like Kob and Bee Swiss. P'ek is a twin and by some mistake the reaper came and took the wrong spirit, played by Anan Boonak...
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    These words of LOVE

    Summary Arthit Nirankul could be described as the dream guy for every girl. He's good-looking, tall, considerate and a perfect gentleman. Payut Nirankul is everything Arthit isn't. Or so he likes for people to believe. He's taller than his brother by a few inches, older by seven years. While he...
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    Koo Tor Ra Nong

    Can someone please help me? I'm looking for Bee Bandit's 3rd lakorn. There's like three p'ek and n'ek I believe. The girl that bee acted with in his first lakorn is also in here, but she gets with Chai Chadsadoyom. Bee kidnapped the girl and then raped her. She was pregnant, but then she had a...
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    I've tried clicking on the Wynterhaven link but it appears it's not working. Is the site no longer up? Know anywhere where I can post some fan fiction?
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    Wiwar Aollaweng

    I found this clip on youtube. Credit to Sophiez. I can't wait. It looks like a good lakorn and I'm so happy Rung has another lakorn. Can't wait to see him again.