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    Wow, haven't been here for the longest time. Too darn busy! :D But I'm not so busy now and hopefully I can stick around. Now I know I have one other story hanging around here somewhere. :coverlaf: Well, I just thought I share this story with you gals/guys. Might as well post it because I...
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    America's Best Dance Crew: Season 3

    Did anyone of you watch this show??? I absolutely love this show! :yahoo: It's a great start so far for this season! :dude: Here are the list of the remaining crews: Quest Beat Freaks Ring Masters Striker AS Team Millenia Dynamic Fly Khicks
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    My Bratty Assistant

    Per your request, tfilipina. ^_^ Posting it here for ya. Please excuse any error you see while reading! :blush: I suck at writting and too darn lazy to double check. :P Staring: Ann Thongprasom Dennis O'Neil Poo Priya Jason Young Amy Ameila Pat Napapa Comedy/Romance Rated: PG-13...
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    Pirates of the Carribean 4

    OMG!! :yahoo: I am just so excited that I gotta share this with you guys!!! I just came across this announcement and look what I found. Below is the exact quote from the article of Johnny Depp accepting a role with Disney on 'Alice in Wonderland'. Gosh, I cannot wait for this! "Disney...
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    The Sword and The Chess of Death

    Has anybody watch this series yet? I finish part one and I thought it was pretty good. I am waiting for part 2 and 3. Here is the poster and synopsis: An unfinished game of Chess of Death from five hundred years ago was said to hold the clue to a buried treasure and Lin Shuang Sword was the...
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    Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion -2006-

    I just watch this series. But I noticed that there could be another series right before this. Does anyone know if there is another series before this one? If so, what is it called? :huh:
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    Annoymous creations from AFC forum!

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    Bangkok Dangerous

    I think this is his latest movie. Starring: Nicholas Cage, Charlie Yeung, Chakrit Yagnam. Excited for him because he get to be in the same movie with one of the biggest actor in the US. (Nicholas Cage)