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  1. kulyia

    Panward Hemmanee I've been seeing her on the news/social media lately.. Can someone translate this article, please? Tia
  2. kulyia

    Website translation please

    Hi, all! Havent been here in years. And its so nice to be back . This is an article about actress Pinky. Can someone translate it for me, please? Ty
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    Ua Lub Neej Raws Txoj Hmoo

    [A lot has been changed from original plot.] *March 7th, 2015 I love writing in hmong. Unfortunately because our language is not standardized, theres still many words I do not know. If I'm missing anything, please feel free to correct :). Muaj dab tsi tsis yog lod sis yuam kev, thov pab qhia...
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    Kob and Brook

    I just wanted to share this sweet clip with you guys. Kob loves him dearly, indeed.
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    What are your Favorite quotes?

    If you can, please provide the credit. If not then its fine =) ______________ "How far is eternity? My heart is getting weary.." Shanghai Bund "Let me stand in front of you so the wolves eat me first." A Chinese Ghost Story "My heart isnt cement or brick, that i cant feel anything. the...
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    Short FanficS [Update]

    The Untold Story of Prince Yeoman and Mayuree Starring Yaya, Nadech HorroRomance Once upon a time ago.. Is how they start off stories. But what they dont know is that it actually happened many years prior. The more people say her name, the more strength she is fed. Similar to Nang Nak. The...
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    The Untold Story of Prince Yeoman and Mayuree

    Old Era fanfic Horror|Romance
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    sick and HATE it

    And i think i have allergies too so that means coughing, thick mucous, stuffy nose, tears, body aches, fever, warm body. And being raised in an asian family, you never go to the hospital unless itS SERIOUS. Any remedies yall? por favor. :( im going to doctor tomorrow but idk if they will...
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    Chakrit and Namcha

    Excuse me for any of the grammar error. :P Mam Ua Dab Los Cab; Tau cev tau siab, mam ua ib siab; Nco mus ib sim Pen: "Yawg Hlob Luang Narueban Bureerak, kuv coj tau tus ntxhais Sarapee los lwm. Koj xav kom kuv ua li cas rau nws?" Narueban: "Zoo heev li Pen. Nws nyob rau qhov twg? Coj nws los...
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    |Fated to Love You| Requested by a Guardian Angel ON CHAPTER 11

    Fated to Love You Requested by a Guardian Angel Chompoo Araya Hargett AS Lana (Like Lana Lane) Jang Dong-Gun AS Jae Kim So-yeon AS Sonia Noi Bussakorn AS Donna Ken Theeradeth AS Kage(pronounced like Nicholas Cage) My current attempt in a comeback in writing fanfic here at...
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    whats thai song/S are you obsess with right now?

    i dont know the title because it's in thai. but here's the title: โปรดอย่ามาสงสาร - ตู่ ภพธร and it was posted by Fuzzy on the ShoutOut part on topic "What are you addicted to?" sometimes i feel like listening to thai songs but i want to try something new rather listening to the ones i already...
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    hi i need help?

    i cant seem to upload my Picture. However the avatar i have no trouble with. Can someone help me?? ty
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    ghost call

    im not sure if it is true or not but so far today .. TODAY.. i have two people telling me about the prank call that can take away your soul? sounds unbelievable. i dont believe in it however, the thought of it sounds scary.. Something about the phone number being from thailand or laos.. And...
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    nrauj toj siab txoj kev hlub

    okay i went back into one of my old topics because i feel theres no need to open up a new topic for just a few replies so.. yeah in that movie, theres a hmong song they put in there. Does anyone know the title or singer?? something about "who is more important than me, who loves you more? Or...
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    remember when the brothers Accidentally got onto the train that was heading towards the battle field?? As the train move away, the mom and daughter in law ran after it. And this hmong female song was played During that scene. Does Anyone know the artist or the title??? plz tell me if so. ty SO much!
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    can someone provide me with Amaruetalai summary and also Soy Saeng Jan. Including the very end and most important details you think it is to you? thank you ka
  17. kulyia

    help on question

    like i want to share a book with you guys but im afraid when they *author or publisher* they will do something bad to me? I want to share a little with you guys so you guys can see how well of a book this book is. What if when i type down the story on here, will anything still happen Even though...
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    Fresno Hmong father strucked and killed at scene

    omg i felt sooooo horrible when i found out whose father it was. it was one of my old junior high school friend. We're attending the same school atm, but i never thought such horrible event will occur to her and her older sister that are attending the same school as me. I just found out today...
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    OMG nampeung as third wife?

    Im soo sad by this. *sniff*sniff .. i plan to watch it only for Joy and her (“Mongkut Dok Som (The orange blossom crown)” from 1996) .. I hear on the comments from Lyns website that it was very good and dont be fooled by the old guy. lol. have you guys seen it and what do you recommend? looking...
  20. kulyia

    Thai's Transsexual Crowned Miss International Queen 2007

    wow she is Gorgeous. Thanyarasmi Siraphatphakorn Google Link or google her name for better pictures.. she kinda remind me of aff. lol.. and that nang ek from Kula Saen Suay