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  1. Cupid Candy

    ❤ [CH7] Jao Saming (Coliseum): Kem Hussawee/Tubtim Anayarin

    What an extremely mediocre lakorn and I think I'm being overly generous. I liked Kah Ma Gub Prah from Coliseum. That was a fun lakorn with interesting characters and relationships. This one was a dud. First of all, the pra'ek, Tawan, is absolutely useless, weak, and void of personality. Kem's...
  2. Cupid Candy

    ONE31 dramas

    Quality-wise, ONE31 has done better than they had since their ch5 days. Exact and Scenario made some real stinkers back in the day. I enjoyed Sai Ruk Sai Sawat and Wanthong the most so far.
  3. Cupid Candy

    ❤️[CH7] Tawan Arb Dao (Prakot Karn Dee): Kem Hussawee/ Thisa Varitthisa/ Chiranan Manochaem

    Didn't go as bad as I thought it would be. I think I like this better than Hua Jai Look Pu Chai. My grandma has a granny crush on Kem hence why I'm watching his lakorns. She calls him "my Hussawee" haha. Anyways... Siwakorn seemed like such an unscrupulous character at times. I don't know how I...
  4. Cupid Candy

    ❤️[CH7] Hua Jai Look Poochai (Media Studio): Now Tisanart / Kem Hussawee

    This was some weak sauce revenge lakorn. The lakorn started off strong but once the pra'ek revealed his motives to the n'ek, the lakorn really had no where to go. What I liked: I liked how forward the n'ek was and she had unconditional love for the pra'ek. Even when she thought that he killed...
  5. Cupid Candy

    ❤️[CH7] Wong Wien Hua Jai (Kantana): Porshe Saran/Now Tisanart

    I had a hard time with this lakorn. Both versions of this lakorn were flawed and annoying but in different ways. Porshe's Tos is softer than Weir's but I didn't like him after Nee died. This Tos was a whole lot more loving and softer towards Bow than in the 2009 version but when he became...
  6. Cupid Candy

    [CH7] Saai Bplay (Pappasara Production): Hone Thanakorn/Mint Baramita

    Hone looks good here. They dressed him up well.
  7. Cupid Candy

    ❤️[Ch7] So Wayree (Ninobrothers): Kem Hussawee/Mookda Narinrak

    I'm surprised with how much I actually enjoyed this. I pretty much enjoy all slap/kiss lakorns unless they are horribly produced or if the leads have no chemistry. Ninobrothers is a pretty good company if you compare it to other companies that ch7 has. I've watched 3 of their lakorns so far and...
  8. Cupid Candy

    [CH3] Tai Ngao Tawan (Maker J) : Mark Prin / Bow Maylada

    I’m glad my baby is pairing with a n’ek I like. Just seeing the name Maker J is making me pray that this lakorn is decent. I’m not hoping for miracles but at least something that I makes me not want to throw things at my screen. I’d be happy with anything close to Fai Lang Fai or Roy Leh Marnya...
  9. Cupid Candy

    [CH3] Matalada (Makers Group): Toey Jarinporn/ James Jirayu Tangsrisuk

    Toey gets less and less attractive each year. I found her cute in Sam Num Neua Thong but after that I felt she went downhill. Her nose seems to be getting worse, what a bad nose job. I wish James would pair up with someone better.
  10. Cupid Candy


    Wimarn Mekhala (2016) - The original was such a good lakorn with a lovely love story and lessons about nature. Bella and Andrew's version was a joke where they changed anything that was classy about the old version into a slapstick comedy, as well as ruining characters. Anyone who thinks this...
  11. Cupid Candy

    [CH3] Pah Nang Suer (D One TV): Prim Prima/Ohm Kanin

    D One TV is so lazy, all they're doing is remaking their old lakorns (from Kantana).
  12. Cupid Candy

    ❤️[ONE31] Wanthong (The One Enterprise): Mai Davika / Pong Nawat / Chakrit Yamnarm

    You want to be stressed? You want to age 10 years? Well, I've got a lakorn for you! I kid, well kind of. This lakorn is excellent. I went into this not knowing that it is based off of Khun Chang Khun Paen. You grow up knowing at least the gist of the basic plot. I remember watching a version...
  13. Cupid Candy

    [CH3] Thrab Fah Mee Tawan (Sonix Boom): Mark Prin/ Kao Supassra

    When did Ch3 lakorns get so long for no reason? I think length was my biggest problem with this lakorn. That and a whole bunch of plot holes. It took me some time to get into this lakorn. The first episode was kind of hard to watch but it got better by the second episode. I liked how the pra'ek...
  14. Cupid Candy

    ❤️ Various ET News

    What's the point of all these new lakorn announcements. With the current situation and all, it looks like probably another 3-4 years before new lakorns can even get to the point of airing. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the ones that already started filming a year ago get cancelled.
  15. Cupid Candy

    [CH7] Mea Bai (A Supachai Production): Es Kantapong / Now Tisanart

    LOL there is buzz around Es's self pleasuring scene :risas3:
  16. Cupid Candy

    How cute is Aum Atichart in Tub Tawan! He's so adorable playing the simple minded, countryside...

    How cute is Aum Atichart in Tub Tawan! He's so adorable playing the simple minded, countryside servant boy.
  17. Cupid Candy

    ❤️[CH8] Wayra Arkart (Kiatrapee): Ohm Atshar / Kelly Tanapat

    I stumbled on some pics from this and it looks like Mew Laknara got a nose job. She looks really off.
  18. Cupid Candy

    George Michael's Careless Whisper from 1985 is my favourite!

    George Michael's Careless Whisper from 1985 is my favourite!
  19. Cupid Candy

    Botun Greep Sood Tai(Tv Scene)

    Rewatching Jam Leuy Rak has launched an Aum and Aff marathon for me. I found it really nice to come back to this lakorn after more than a decade since I last watched it. I was a teen when I first watched this and I find that now I appreciate the nuances more as an adult. This is a REALLY good...