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    His L♥VE, for her; the END:

    [ AUTHOR NOTES ☂: Hey; thanks again for tuning to read my fanfic :]I know; i've not even done with " Mama's Blue Daisy" but i'm so excited; so Yeah, & also Well my addiction for MTEAM is still pretty high; Lol, and since I'm not so satisfied with the Lakorn " Patapee Lehrak" I'm creating a...
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    Mama's Blue Daisy; ch;12. UP FINALL>Y

    Hey; thanks for readin' my fanfic; i hope for all to enjoy this; i'm a big fan of 4 Mountains Lakorn; & yeah; Thanks you for the lovely poster Kutefirstlove; :] Please leave feedbacks thank you; :] Cast: - Boy Pakorn as Boy Ratkrit (25) [owns BSweetheart Company; loveloveloveMargie] -...