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  1. lakornsrok

    Fan Mvs that I started making

    Hey there u all! I am new to Vegas and did a couple of mvs so please check it out and I LOVE KWAN AND WIN!! :wub:
  2. lakornsrok

    My Prince Charming:Kwan, Win,Film, Pinky, Pai, Min, Om...etc Chapter 5 is up!!thanks

    Hey there again u all...well i know that i havent finish lip also know as Love is possible.but i promise i will go back and soo mad that all my works of MPC were in my sisters usb but her usb broke...IM SOO MADD :rant: BECAUSE I WROTE ABOUT 100 - 200 SOMETHING pages but then all in...
  3. lakornsrok

    lakornsrok newbie work!FINALLY UPDATED 01/14/14 woohoo finally haha

    Here are some Pics I edited because I was bored...LOl...leave some comments..XD
  4. lakornsrok

    Forever Love (COMPLETED)

    Hey peepos..hah..this was my first fiction I wrote but I couldn't post it on here because Peepos at my skewl was reading now I got it Baks..Yay!! Aof Chanapol as Tun Thanapol- He is the rich and popular guy whose family owns a mall and the Magnificent Hotel. He hates...
  5. lakornsrok

    Love is possible

    Win Tawin as Talun Tadapesoon - a 19 years old guy whose family owns a little restaurant,he is a middle class guy that is not that rich but stands up for hisself. He doesn't like rude girls and won't allow them to insult him. He never dated and never thought about love until he meets Lada. He is...