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  1. preetam

    New thread here ! What are in your opinion the best and weakest sides of your fav actors/actresses please ?

    Here are mine : Aff T. Strong points = a dreamy nek, classy and proper lady. Best roles Boteun Gleep Sudtai" and "Roy Mai". In her latest lakorn with Tor you understand why his character is struck by her beauty and stance regardless of her husband spirit in his body. She is captivating with her...
  2. preetam

    Look what I found :-D

    are my eyes betraying me ? Bank Artit ? When you think JJ was still in his diapers atm
  3. preetam

    Something saddens me about Vill's acting career

    After being promising in Sao Noi and Sud Sai Paan, That girl acting ability never really took off. She even regressed at some instances. Do you think veterans actors/actresses like Vill, Smart, New Wongsakorn etc... that have never really improved should stop being given main roles and should...
  4. preetam

    One of the Best AF fanfics needs lakorn adaptation Years and years ago, when I 1st became a Sarnworld member during my early 20's (time flies shit !!) I used to be a fanfiction trash and read them a looot. We have to be honest and admit that the 1st generation...
  5. preetam

    Ch3 ratings

    I agree with my friends in the ch7 ratings thread one. One should make a thread about ch3 ratings situation. How can you explain that that channel that gets all of the buzz, the hype and the awards (most of them undeserved) and the deals can still only attract mostly urban and BKK areas viewers...
  6. preetam

    Don't Thailand have better actresses to bring to Canne festival ?

    I mean really ?
  7. preetam

    Maeya Nonthawan marriage Congratz to this beauty *coughthisiswhathappenswhenyourcareergoesnowherecough*
  8. preetam

    Ch7 ratings

    Lately Ch7 ratings have been flopping and left behind by Ch3 ones. In your opinion what is the reason ? Do you think Ch7 elders are still too arrogant and won't reform ? Ps : Someone save Sammy from greasy P'eks !!! Stop doing my girl dirty with her pairings ! Justice for Nao Tisanart x-D !
  9. preetam

    Channel 7 lakorn I guys I was on Instagram when I stumbled on this lakorn whose link is posted above here. Does anyone know it ?
  10. preetam

    Matteo Panama

    Hi guys ! It's been a few weeks now a new trend has been shaking Thailand. The Panama Challenge. I mean every freaking one in The kingdom must post a video of them making the dance moves that have been hot trend now. I don't spend one day on instagram without stumbling on a star or Thai person...
  11. preetam

    The Maeya Nonthawan case

    Do you think the channel is racist against dark skinned female artists? Sorry for being so blunt and problematic but CH3 needs to get its shit together and not waste Maeya Nonthawan time. Maybe I am wrong but what do you think will happen to this girl career ? Thank you
  12. preetam

    Natt (Matt&New)

    This is my first time creating a thread like this but I had too. Since OneHd was dumbish enough to let an actor like New C. go which led him to get featured in Ch3 prod this year (Rak Nakara) but as a supporting, who like me would like Ch3 to wake up so that New won't be the next Phet Thakrit...