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  1. sweet sweet

    Pattarasaya Kreuasuwansri

    does anybody know anything about Pattarasaya Kreuasuwansri maybe her bio or any other movie she play in shes in the movie bedside detective
  2. sweet sweet

    Tsai Pei Lin

    Tsai Pei Lin the girl that play in devil beside you does anybody have a bio of her wat other drama she play in????
  3. sweet sweet


    can sombody help me out i was watching an interview on ann and ken for their lakorn then they were talking about noi it show a clip of her n her lakorn on a different show somthing about dancing and kat english was performing to can somebody tell me wat show is that from and did it air...
  4. sweet sweet

    tata young or Kat english

    kat or tata for me i like kat i thing she can really dance and sing n she pretty lol pluse i love her songs lol who do you like????
  5. sweet sweet

    Kat english

    Does anybody have any of katreeya english lakorn that r in khmer or english sub if you do can you share them i really like to watch them the one where she plays a Genie i know they have a khmer one cause i seen it on youtube but the person that upload the video only upload like a short clip and...